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Voyeurism Erotica

Voyeurism Erotica

Something about watching other people have sex is suuuuuper steamy, amiright!? When my husband and I were in a slump I decided that I wanted to focus my energies on me and what turned me on. I wanted to push through my discomfort with female pleasure and sexuality and learn what really made me tick.

This sexual journey lead me to Ethical Adult Films and Erotica. During my journey I found that I truly enjoyed, and loved to fantasize about, Voyeurism: The act of watching other people engage in sexual acts. As with everything sex, voyeurism is made fun and safe with my favourite 'C' word: Consent. Enjoy my Free Voyeur Erotica Reading List!

Isn't Voyeurism Illegal?

Yes, and I always start with a talk about this because CONSENT IS SEXY friends. Always! (and suuuuuuper mandatory, necessary and every other word you can imagine.)

K, now after we have confirmed any type of Voyeurism discussed here is with consenting adults, we can move on and talk about how H-O-T it is to watch one, two, or more, people engage in sexual acts. This was one of the first fantasies a dove into when I began my sexual exploration and it is still one of my favourites.

Is This Sexual Fantasy Typically Enjoyed Solo, as a Couple, or with a Group?

This fantasy can be enjoyed with one, or many. From watching your partner touch themselves in the shower, or a sexy neighbour performing for you through the window, to enjoying the scene at an Adult Playground; watching other people let their inhibitions go and feel pleasure is enough to make me explode!

Voyeur Erotica For Her: Where to Begin

I started watching XConfessions by Erika Lust (Female Run, Ethical Adult Films!!! Hooray!) and that was how I discovered I REALLY enjoyed the idea of Voyeurism as she offers a few movies featuring this common sexual fantasy.

Other than that I haven't found too many other ethical adult films about this genre, as the interwebs can start to dig up some weird stuff that doesn't align with the Femme Fiction Community Values.

When I began to share this fantasy with my partner we started to talk about Adult Playgrounds and how much fun it might be to go to one someday. Obviously, with the whole Global Pandemic thing going on, this idea has become a challenge but it is a fantasy we still enjoy none the less.

A great Covid world option would be to connect with someone you find super-sexy that has a cam account and you can engage in some consented Voyeurism on there as well. This might be a fun option to start with before ever diving into something like that in person.

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How To Speak To Your Partner About Voyeurism

My hope for you is you are all with a self-assured partner who knows that sexual fantasy has nothing to do with not being satisfied in your relationship. Sexual Fantasies are fun and wanting to watch other people engage in sexual acts has nothing to do with wanting/needing someone outside of your relationship.

Assuming this is understood between you, here are some great ways to begin a conversation about your fantasies with your partner:

  • 'I had a sexy dream that I want to share with you...'
  • 'I heard about a hot Adult Film that really turned me on. Want to watch together?' (I super recommend XConfessions Voyeur Category)
  • Play a sexy game of Truth or Dare with your partner (yes, there is an app for that!) and get into some fantasy turn on talk.

Voyeurism Erotica For Women

Voyeur Erotica For Women

The New Neighbours is a Kindle eBook I wrote about Cindy and James who end up in a bit of a swinger situation after their neighbour Chris watched them have sex on the fence that separates their houses.

Erotica For Her Sneak Peak

" 'Maybe we can move the party outside this weekend. We can have a BBQ in the trees between the houses. It seems like that is where the after-party was anyways.'

Cindy was stunned. They had seen them having sex on the fence.

'I, ummm… Oh my god' she stammered.

Chris laughed. 'Relax Cindy! It’s all good. Jess and I had an after party of our own anyways. Let’s just say the two of you got us both pretty worked up.' "

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

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