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Sex with a Stranger Erotica

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Sex with a Stranger Erotica

Ok. Nothing makes me wanna touch myself quite like the fantasy of grabbing some sexy guy at the bar and tucking into some unknown corner with him. Or maybe it's the random businessman in an elevator, or the opposing team's pitcher after the game in dugout.

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Why Is Sex With a Stranger such a Hot Fantasy?

Omg, what isn’t hot about this? The fun of sexual fantasies is they are often things that we feel like we could never or would never do in real life. If you choose to go after a fantasy of yours at some point, great. If you do not, that is also great; Sexual fantasies are just as effective played out in our minds.

For many Women the idea of taking the lead and grabbing what you want is a dominance play that can make us feel powerful and in charge. Equally as exciting is the idea of a sexy stranger deciding they want and pulling us into the coat closet at a charity event.

How To Explore the Idea of Anonymous Sex

This is a fantasy that often turns into a real-life experience for many. If you are thinking about pursuing sex with a stranger there are some things to consider before you begin:

  1. Do you want to act out sex with a stranger, or actually have sex with a stranger? You could easily play this scene out with someone you know, and the results would be just as fun!
  2. Do you want to have sex in public, or go back to their place? Sex with a stranger can seem fun, but there are safety concerns you will want to plan for.
  3. Do you want to try an adult playground, or a hookup app?
  4. Read some sex with a stranger erotica or ethical adult films to explore the fantasy further before making any decisions.

So, You Want To Have Sex With a Stranger. Now What?

Well that’s fun! Good for you, girl! Having a one stand is a lot of fun, but we want to ensure that any sexual desire we act out in real life is done safely. Here are some ways to ensure carrying out your fantasy is nothing but fun:

  • Let a friend know what your plan is so they can keep tabs on you. My friends and I use the ‘Find My’ app on our iPhones to track each other. Safety first!
  • Bring your own condoms. Safe sex is the sexiest. Don’t leave your sexual health up to chance.
  • You might get into things with someone who decides they aren’t comfortable with a one-night stand. Be super clear about your intentions from the start so no one gets hurt, you heartbreaker you.

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Speaking with Your Partner About Acting Out Sex With A Stranger

Playing into your sexual fantasy with a partner is a great way to spice up your sex life! Assuming this is totally a new idea you can introduce it to him/her through some Erotica, or with an ethical adult film. These are good conversation starters (after the hot sex that often happens whenever we read Erotica or watch XConfessions) to broach the idea of acting out your fantasy. After that, let the planning begin! Maybe you are lonely business travelers who meet at a hotel bar or search and rescuers who meet for the first time on the job saving someone’s life. Ooh, I wanna get writing!

Anonymous Sex: FAQ's

Q: Why is it that men seem to engage in anonymous sex more easily than Women do?

A: Because we were trained by society to think it is ‘wrong’ for Women to be promiscuous. Sex with a random is fun and enjoyable. Let’s smash some Patriarchal beliefs right now:

  • There is no shame in your body count. Have sex with whomever you want to, however you want to.
  • You are not a slut. This is a bullshit title made up to keep Women ‘in their place’ of being judged by men (and other women).
  • Women who step into their sexual power are a force of nature. If sex with a stranger, or the fantasy of it, gets you off then you do you!

Q: If I have casual sex will it become more difficult to enjoy sex with only one person in a relationship?

A: Heck no! I had lots of sex before I met my husband and it in no shape way or form affects how I feel about being in a monogamous relationship. Enjoying sex with one person for the rest of your life (should you choose to partake in such a thing) is a lot of work regardless of the amount of casual sex you had before you began your monogamous partnership.

Q: I have way better orgasms during one-night stands. What is up with that?

A: There could be a few reasons that contribute to this:

  1. The anticipation of the unknown is a big turn on.
  2. The acting out of a sexual fantasy of yours brings you to orgasm.
  3. The foreplay for you could be all part of the ritual of finding someone to have a one-night stand with.
  4. When with a random you have an easier time ‘letting go’ of stress that may hold you back from orgasm otherwise.

Regardless of the reasoning: if it works for you enjoy it!

Sex with a Stranger Erotica For Women

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'Jane stood in front of Channing in her bra, pencil skirt and heels. She was still leaning against the elevator wall breathing deeply. Channing reached down and pulled her skirt up, exposing her panties. He reached between her legs without asking permission, pulled her panties to the side and felt her pool of moisture with his pointer and middle finger. She closed her eyes and laid her head back against the wall.'

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