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Secret Sex Erotica

Sometimes the secret

Is half the fun...

Secret Sex Erotica

Real talk. There is something soooooo exciting about being up to no good, amiright? Maybe it's your best friend's older brother, or your boss at work. Sometimes, the secret of the rendezvous is exactly what makes it so. damn. hot.

Needless to say, this is an age-old female fantasy that you can be sure I am going to dig into... Let the fun begin! While you are waiting for more secret sex erotica to come, be sure to read 'My Best Friend' an erotic short about two friends who cross the line. Get it by subscribing to my email list below.

Why Are Forbidden Affairs So Hot?

Well I am pretty sure the word 'forbidden' really says it all. The rush of sneaking around, the worry of what will happen if you get caught, the knowing you have a secret that you just cannot tell... That alone is enough to push a girl over the edge!

How To Look Into the Idea of Secret Sex

Chances are some of us reading this are in long term relationships and having an affair on the down low is not on our radar. Luckily, there are lots of erotica and films based on the idea of secret love affairs for you to enjoy with, or without, your partner.

Thinking About a Forbidden Relationship?

Who wouldn't be!? Espeically after reading 'My Best Friend' free erotic story... But as with everything in life it's important to think through things before diving in. Fantasies are fun in real life, but even the most secretive of flings will come to light at some point. It's important to  think about what happens when it does, and will this be a relationship you want to continue with if/when it does. It's best to be open and honest in any type of fantasy you contemplate acting out in real life.

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Secretive Sex: FAQ's

Q: Are all secret affairs infidelity?

A: Absolutely not! There are lots of reasons to have a forbidden love affair such as:

    • A friend's ex
    • A subordinate at work
    • You don't want your friends to know
    • Cultural differences your family won't understand

Q: How can I dive deeper into the fantasy of secret sex?

A: We do not recommend hiding everyone you date from your friends and family (in fact, for safety reasons my friends and I always shared their name and location when meeting online dates) it could be a fun way to start things out. Bring your new partner in on the fun and see how long you can get away with it for!

Q: Why is the sex so much better when it's forbidden?

A: Oh the forbidden fruit! Sex that is off limits, say like your ex's best friend that you have had sexual chemistry with for years, causes major hits of all sorts of feel good brain chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline. Much like the feeling of falling in love, times 100 because it's got a touch of taboo intertwined. Bring on the orgasms!

Tasting the Forbidden Fruit: Erotica For Women

While I am creating more free erotica about secretive relationships be sure to join my email list and take a moment to read the story called 'My Best Friend' and 'The Rockstar' which dives into the fantasy of having sex with a childhood pesky friend of your brother's who grows up to be not so pesky after all... Better yet: it all goes down in your childhood bedroom!

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