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Same-Sex Encounters Erotica

Same-Sex Encounters Erotica

Same-Sex encounters are soooooo much fun! Whether this is something you choose to do in real life, or just one-handed day dream about, this is the page for you.

Women are beautiful from head to toe and this common sexual fantasy is an enjoyable one to dive into on your own, or with a partner.

Here is 'When Friends Become Lovers'; a short story about two friends who take things to the next level. Enjoy!

Why are same-sex encounters so intriguing?

It doesn't take a full-on lesson in biology to explain the differences between Men and Women. Being with a Woman is soooo different: We are soft, curvy, and we smell like puppies and rainbows.

Ok, I kid, but I think it's safe to say that this is a fairly common sexual fantasy to daydream about, or actually partake in. I can trace this fantasy all the way back to grade school sleepovers with my best friend.

Is This Fantasy Typically Sought out Solo, As Couples, or with Multiple Partners?

All of the above! The fun of sexual fantasies is they are not rigid and this definitely applies to Same-Sex Erotica. You can enjoy a story about a couple, or a group. A Bi-sexual encounter could also take place in Voyeur Erotica, Swinger Erotica, or Sex in Public- these are all to come!

How To Dive Into Same-Sex Fantasies

Some readers may steer away from exploring Same-Sex Fantasies for fear of being 'gay', or having their partner think they are 'gay'. These antiquated beliefs are part of what keeps us stuck in unhappy, unfulfilled sex lives.

First of all, LOVE IS LOVE. Second of all, if you were raised in a home that wasn't open to all forms of love and sexuality, or perhaps you are new to working through some of these shames, give yourself time. But remember this: just because you enjoy reading about a sexual fantasy, it does not mean you have to take part in it.

The way your story plays out is up to you!

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How To Speak To Your Partner About Same-Sex Fantasies

The best way to share a fantasy with your partner is an un-intimidating way for both of you, not in the heat of the moment in the bedroom (although, that can be fun too!). Here are some tips:

  • Speak to your partner about your fantasy in a neutral place, like in the kitchen.
  • Let your partner know that you are excited to share this with them because you trust them and enjoy sharing your naughty little fantasies with them.
  • Ask your partner how they would like to be involved in the fantasy. Would they watch you? Would they join in? Remember, this is all theoretic and it is supposed to be fun. There are no wrong answers in fantasyland!

Same-Sex Encounters: FAQ's

Q: If I enjoy both men and women does that mean I am bisexual?

A: Sexuality and labels are something I am not educated enough in, nor can anyone answer from a Q&A. My personal motto is Love is Love and Skin is Skin. Love and Sexuality are two things that don’t need to be put in a box or defined. But if you are looking for definition in your sexuality there are lots of strong leaders and voices out there that you can connect with to help find where you are comfortable.


Q: Why do I keep fantasizing about having sex with a Woman?

A: Fantasies are fun and they allow you to explore things that you may never want to, or not be ready to, in real life. Fantasies stimulate pleasure in the brain which is great news when trying to turn off all the day-to-day stresses of life like work, bills, and kids to achieve a great orgasm. So, if you have a fun sexual fantasy that you continue to enjoy, I say dive in and enjoy it! Whether you choose to act it out in real life, or not, is up to you. If it is a recurring fantasy it could be because you know it works, and/or because it’s a desire of yours. We all have our favourites! Lean in.


Q: Should I tell my partner that I often fantasize about being with a Woman?

A: If you are in a loving relationship and you trust the person you are with then I say go for it! I love talking about fantasies and desires with my partner. When we lean into our sexual fantasies we both get crazy hot from the conversations and we have had some of the best sex ever when we are in fantasy land!

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