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Public-Sex Erotica

Public-Sex Erotica

The Thrill of Getting Caught Is Too Much Fun! Who hasn't fantasized about a quickie in public? Better yet, a quickie in public with a stranger! This girl sure has.

Come to think of it all of my Erotica eBooks include Public Sex scenes. Can you blame me? Public sex is a really fun fantasy that many people end up acting out in person. (Quick legal chat: remember sex in public is illegal soooooo, don't say I didn't warn you lol)

If the thrill of getting caught is too much to take feel free to explore via some fun Erotica Short Stories featuring Sex In Public. Enjoy!

Why Is Public-Sex Such a Thrill?

Oh, boy. The excitement about the possibility of getting caught! Sex in Public is a fun fantasy, or to act out, because life can get so mundane. No better way to spice things up than a romp outdoors, amiright!?

Sex in Public Locations

This fantasy can play out in unlimited ways. Let's go over some tried and true favorites:

  • In a boat
  • Movie theater
  • A stairwell
  • Outdoors
  • Public restroom
  • The backseat of a car
  • Mile high club (airplane bathroom)
  • Outdoor pool/hot tub
  • In your office

I could go on... What is your flavor?

Quick Legal Chat!

Let's not forget- Sex in Public is illegal. Although super fun, let's not be those people who traumatize some poor, unsuspecting old couple out for a stroll in the park. Have fun, but don't be a creeper, k?

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How To Have Sex In Public Without Actually Having Sex In Public

Public Sex is, in fact, one of the most common sexual fantasies and one of the ones that most people act out in real life. BUT, friendly reminder that it is illegal and the consequence of getting caught can be really uncool.

So, if you have a Public Sex itch to scratch here are some ways you can get there without getting arrested:

  • Have a quicky on your hotel deck (ok, this is a grey area. But much less risky than some other options)
  • Outdoor camping sex (no one around, but maybe a deer?)
  • Have a quicky behind locked office doors (lock that door and have some fun!)
  • Adult sex clubs (the thrill of the exhibition without the risk)
  • Adult resorts (yes, these are a real thing and you can have all the outdoor sex you want here!)
  • Check out The Public Sex Collection on XConfessions: Ethical Adult Films by Erika Lust.


Public-Sex: FAQ's

Q: Resorts!? Tell me more!?

A: I have yet to attend one, but you can bet it is on my sexy bucket list. Some of the top resorts are Hedonism II in Jamaica, Temptation Cancun, Copacabana Hotel in Costa Rica, and Desire Riviera Maya Resort in Mexico. Fun, right?

Sex In Public Erotica For Her

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