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Group-Sex Erotica

Group-Sex Erotica

Threesomes, Foursomes, and Orgies! The Possibilities are Endless!

Ok, so I personally used to think the only type of group sex that existed was two girls and a guy because really that was what 99% of anything I had ever been exposed to was. Boo.

While the idea of a threesome with my partner and a super hot Unicorn isn't the WORST idea ever, it isn't the ONLY way to enjoy group sex. The possibilities are endless really!

Rest assured, I will explore them all for you!

What Do People Love About Group Sex?

What's not to love really. There is something so intriguing about the sensation of double the hands and tongues...

The Menage a Trois Explored

So, the reason I love the idea of group sex is because mainstream pornography has more often than not portrayed two types of threesomes: the one guy and two girl scenario where it is all about him, or the two guys and one girl scenario where the focus still is on the men receiving all of the pleasure from a woman working double time. Boo and double boo.

What I love now is that women are grabbing hold of group sex and making it their own. If you read my article about how I used to think pleasure and sex were anti-feminist you can begin to understand why I am so excited about taking back ownership of the threesome. Femme Fiction is all about shame-free sex and this is a great example of leaning into what you desire.

Threesomes, Foursomes, and More! Oh My!

As always, I recommend checking out ethical adult films on XConfessions to learn more about your sexual fantasies. (If you want to know why I love XConfessions some of the reasons are they are a Female-led company, that features equal pleasure, diversity and equal pay. Sexy, right!?) They have lots of movies that feature Group Sex to do some, ahem, studying.

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Want To Know More?

Thinking about the possibility of group sex in your relationship? Somethings to consider:

  1. Do your research and figure out exactly what you want to try. There are plenty of ways group sex can play out from group masturbation to double penetration.
  2. Set your boundaries. Should you decide to experience group sex in a sex club, or through contacting someone online be sure to create rules that you are all comfortable with
  3. Remember your protection. Safe sex is always sexiest.

Group-sex: FAQ's

Q: What exactly is an orgy?

A: An orgy is essentially a group of people, freely engaging in sexual acts. Orgies typically happen at sex parties or in sex clubs, but in this erotica author's mind they can erupt anywhere in real life lol But seriously, if you want to have an orgy it's best to seek out other people who are looking to do the same. God bless the internet.

Q: My partner and I have decided to have a threesome. We have met someone who wants to join us. What are your tips to make sure everyone enjoys themselves?

A: As mentioned above set your boundaries and protection are two good places to start. Before moving forward with any threesome you want to make sure there is open and honest communication between everyone who will be involved. Some other great advice is to:

  • Spend some time together before the sex begins. Allow yourself time to connect and stir up the chemistry before beginning.
  • Don't get sloppy drunk and/or high. It's fine to have some social lubrication, but you don't want to be a mess. Keep it together.
  • Pay equal attention to everyone involved. You don't want someone to feel left out. Group sex at parties can last all night long and have many different combinations and scenarios play out. A threesome is a smaller group, often for a shorter time. Make sure everyone is involved and having fun.

Q: Where can we find someone to have a threesome with?

A: Sex parties, classified ads online, dating/hookup apps and/or hiring a professional (where it is legal) are some of the most common ways to enjoy group sex.

Group Sex Erotica For Women

A Manage A Trois Erotic Short Story

I loved writing Threesome Erotica that featured two Men and one Woman. I love the idea of our protagonist taking what she wants and feeling no guilt or shame about it. Enjoy this fun One-Handed Read and be sure to stay tuned for more Group Sex Erotica for Women!

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