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Friends to Lovers Erotica

Friends to Lovers Erotica

Fantasizing about crossing that line can be enjoyable and just might come true. The idea of that super sexy friend that was always off limits because the timing wasn't right, or because you were too scared to lose your friendship?

Fantasizing about crossing that line can be enjoyable, and maybe a fantasy that may come true for you... Who knows? It has for me and it has always been a GOOD time! Be sure to check out the Romance Collection Ethical Adult Films and My Free Erotic Story about friends who FINALLY become lovers after she seperates from her cheating husband.

Why is This Such a Common Sexual Fantasy?

I dunno about you, but I have had those friendships over the years that I thought about crossing the line with. Something about the idea of a gorgeous friend and you know exactly what you are getting in the morning… you know what I mean?

Plus, this fantasy plays into the romantic, vulnerable, side of us and that can be enjoyable from time to time also. Who does not want to secretly be desired by a gorgeous and adoring man? He’s smart enough to have you in his life- can you blame him for falling in love with your amazing self?

Is This Fantasy Typically Sought Out Solo, as a couple, or with Multiple Partners?

Traditionally, this type of fantasy is two friends who decide to take things to the next level. Surely this scenario could play out into a group sex fantasy with a couple desiring you, or perhaps a swingers situation, but these are all other types of fantasies we explore in other categories. So, for simplicities sake, we will stick to one-on-one friends with benefits fantasies here.

Friends with Benefits: When Erotica and Romance Mix

Ok, as much as I try not to be, I am actually a bit of a romantic. I like being ‘wooed’ by a member of the opposite sex. That being said this is a fun fantasy to explore as I get to lean into my softer side by mixing hot sex with a touch of forbidden desire and romance.

Being in a currently monogamous relationship leaves this as a fantasy that I cannot have in my life which adds the extra ‘taboo’ factor that pushes me right over the edge into big orgasm land! If you haven’t given this common sexual fantasy much thought I highly suggest you do!

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Thinking About Crossing That Line with a Friend?

Remember, once you go there with a friend there is often no turning back. If you want to take your friendship to the friends with benefits/friends to lovers level be sure to consider:

  • If this goes South, how will it play out?
  • How would you feel if the friendship ended?
  • What if someone develops feelings? Is a relationship something to explore?
  • What has held you both back in the past? What has changed?

Ok, I am not a relationship coach or anything like that, but these are some of the considerations to take into thought before going there with a sexy bestie.

Friends with benefits: FAQ's

Q: I often fantasize about my very taken best friend and I feel super guilty about it. Why is that?

A: The guilt, or the fantasy? Lol Ok, but seriously let’s talk about both! The fantasy is hot and taboo because they are ‘very taken’. That is a double whammy in fantasy land. Don’t stress about the why. Often our fantasies become fantasies because we ‘cannot’ have them. The guilt part is shame that can come from religious and/or societal belief systems. Without pretending to be a therapist I can safely say that having a fantasy like this is totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of!

Q: How do I know if having a friend with benefits is something I want to do in real life?

A: Well there are some things to consider. Are you/they a jealous type? Do you/they tend to develop feelings with sex? Would you/they be sad if the friendship did not continue? Really, taking a friendship to the next level has many different ways it could play out and you can only decide what is right for you by trying, or not trying it on for size!

Q: My best friend and I had a drunken one-night stand and he has made it clear that he wants to again. Is this going to blow up in our face?

A: Well the truth is it could blow up in your faces! Does either of you have feelings for the other outside of just having sex? If so, this isn’t friends with benefits, it’s a friend to lovers' situation and can turn complicated in a hurry if someone doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. But if you are both on the same page, are being transparent with each other, and having great sex then have atter!

Friends to Lovers Erotica For Her

Friends to Lovers Erotica

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Friends to Lovers Same-Sex Erotic Story

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