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Same-Sex Encounters Erotica

Same-Sex encounters are soooooo much fun! Whether this is something you choose to do in real life, or just one-handed day dream about, this is the page for you. Women are beautiful from head to toe and this common sexual fantasy is an enjoyable one to dive into on your own, or with a partner. Here is 'When Friends Become Lovers'; a…

Voyeurism Erotica

Something about watching other people have sex is suuuuuper steamy, amiright!? When my husband and I were in a slump I decided that I wanted to focus my energies on me and what turned me on. I wanted to push through my discomfort with female pleasure and sexuality and learn what really made me tick. This sexual journey lead me to Ethical Adult…

Anal Play Erotica

I always felt like Anal Sex was such a 'taboo' and 'antifeminist' thing to do. As if I was be degraded engaging in the act. That kind of BS belief around anything sexual needs to be destroyed. ALL Female pleasure is totally ok, normal, and positive. If Anal is your thing, great. If Anal isn't for you great. But I can say…

Swinger Erotica

A fantasy favourite for women! Husband or wife swapping ;) The fantasy of Swinging was an inspiration for my first story 'The New Neighbours' which tells the story of Cindy and James. What starts as a friendship with their neighbours becomes 'complicated' when Chris and Jessica see them having hot sex one night on the fence…

Group-Sex Erotica

Threesomes, Foursomes, and Orgies! The Possibilities are Endless! Ok, so I personally used to think the only type of group sex that existed was two girls and a guy because really that was what 99% of anything I had ever been exposed to was. Boo. While the idea of a threesome with my partner and a super hot Unicorn isn't the WORST idea ever,…

Public-Sex Erotica

The Thrill of Getting Caught Is Too Much Fun! Who hasn't fantasized about a quickie in public? Better yet, a quickie in public with a stranger! This girl sure has. Come to think of it all of my Erotica eBooks include Public Sex scenes. Can you blame me? Public sex is a really fun fantasy that many people end up acting out in person. …

Friends to Lovers Erotica

Fantasizing about crossing that line can be enjoyable and just might come true. The idea of that super sexy friend that was always off limits because the timing wasn't right, or because you were too scared to lose your friendship? Fantasizing about crossing that line can be enjoyable, and maybe a fantasy that may come true for you. . . Who…

Sex with a Stranger Erotica

Ok. Nothing makes me wanna touch myself quite like the fantasy of grabbing some sexy guy at the bar and tucking into some unknown corner with him. Or maybe it's the random businessman in an elevator, or the opposing team's pitcher after the game in dugout. I have a few sources of Anonymous Sex Erotica. Join my email list for the…

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles is a Female Sex Positivity Movement. Veronica specializes in writing Female Friendly Erotica, and her vision is to create a shame free environment to normalize sexual desire and pleasure for Women. Be sure to join the Femme Fiction Community to get free Erotica for Women sent directly to your inbox, as well as be the first to know about other sex positive resources she releases.

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