Them, Plus Me, Equals Three: A Menage A Trois Erotic Short

What Happens When a Relaxing

Self Care Weekend Turns

Your Wildest Fantasy Comes True...

Them, Plus Me, Equals Three: A Menage A Trois Erotic Short

Menage A Trois Erotica is fun to write! There is no limit to the way these sex scenes can play out, so I like to begin writing and see where the story ends up!

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Group Sex Fantasy For Women

It was a gorgeous fall afternoon and I was so excited to finally have some downtime. I had been working so damn hard lately and it was such a treat to take myself on a trip; Portland was so beautiful this time of year.

There was a slight chill in the air and I had spent the day drinking delicious coffees and wandering the city shops. I made no strict plans for myself for the weekend other than connecting with my cousin for lunch before I leave town.

For dinner I sat myself down at my boutique hotel lounge and enjoyed an appetiser and a glass of wine while I chatted up the bartender. The lounge was alive with energy: clinking glass wear, soft music playing, conversation floating all around behind me.

"So, what kind of fun are you getting up to this evening?" she inquired while refilling my water.

"No plans yet. I came here on a whim for the weekend to enjoy some downtime."

"Amazing. Good for you girl! Enjoy every second of it." she smiled and headed down the bar to wait on her other guests.

I sipped my wine and smiled to myself, feeling optimistic about where the evening might go.

Cue, tall dark and handsome. Times two.

Free Group Sex Erotica For Her

Kyle and Oliver were in town for the weekend for work and, let me tell you, we HIT. IT. OFF.

They sat beside me at the bar to watch the game, but I don't think they looked up at the tv once. After a few more drinks and some tantalising conversation I did something incredibly bold.

I had always liked the fantasy of enjoying two men at the same time and I got some very cool, and open, vibes from them. I slid my hotel room key over towards them and smiled.

"How about we move this party upstairs? I make a mean Old-Fashioned ala hotel room" I giggled and flagged the bartender to get some fresh orange slices. They quickly got their bill and we headed upstairs.

The three of us sat on the my bed and sipped our cocktails. The guys were blown away that I travelled with my own Old-Fashioned travel sized Bitters.

"I always have the ingredients to make a cocktail in the case I come across gorgeous men in my travels. What can I say, I like to entertain." I placed my glass down and stared Kyle directly in the eyes. "In this case, I seem to have found myself two gorgeous men to entertain. Lucky me" I smiled and leaned in towards him.

Without saying a word, he kissed me and it felt like fireworks. It was only a moment before I felt another hand on my back. Oliver had moved in and was slowly undressing me.

My whole body was tingling from head to toe. I could simultaneously feel every single kiss, lick, nibble and fingertips all over my body- times two.

I laid back on the bed while Oliver licked my nipples and fondled my breasts while Kyle's tongue was giving my folds long, slow, wet licks. Every single nerve ending in my body was engaged as multiple erogenous zones were being stimulated at once.

Double the hands, double the tongues, double the lips. Words could not describe the sensation and my head was absolutely spinning. I could feel my orgasm welling up inside of me.

After I felt as though I couldn't take it any longer, I flipped over and began to pleasure my guys with both my hands and mouth. The feeling of having two men pleasured by me was a power and a turn on I had only previously imagined; I had never felt so sexy.

I was so ready to bring this thing home. My pussy was begging to be attended to.

Threesome Erotica For Women

I decided I wanted to have one of the guys watch while the other was inside of me. The idea of having someone watch and want to get their hands on me, but not actually do it, was exciting.

Oliver hopped to the job and slid into my pussy with ease. As he thrusted deep within my mound I didn't loose eye contact with Kyle who sat on the hotel lounge chair, biting his lip and rubbing his staff.

It wasn't long before I both Kyle and I were cuming in unison and I dropped down onto the bed. My body was exhausted from immense pleasure.

You can bet I will be booking myself another weekend alone again soon.

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