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The New Neighbours By Veronica Styles

The New Neighbours By Veronica Styles

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Cindy was always quiet and well behaved, but James unleashed a side of her she didn't know was there. She was wild, hot, intense. They spent most of that first night with their legs wound around each others inside James' truck. His hands were skillful, but so were his lips. And his tongue…

The rest was history. The quiet well behaved Cindy had been introduced to a country boy and she never wanted to go back.

Erotica For Her: The New Neighours

Cindy found herself caught up in the memories of those summer days when they first met. Before the bills and the reality of life set in. When she would spend her night kissing James’ sun kissed chest and he would do the same, pausing to spend extra time gently licking and kissing her nipples. She couldn’t help but feel the anticipation of the evening swelling up inside of her. It had been so long.

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Public Sex Erotica

Cindy and James waved goodbye to their new friends after a night full of laughs and fun. They stumbled, buzzed from drinks and giggling through the trees separating the houses. James grabbed Cindy and pinned her up against the fence.

Cindy gasped as James leaned in and whispered “I need to be in you”. Her legs went weak. It was like they were young again on the riverbank. James pulled up her dress and dropped to his knees on the grass.

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The Proposition: Husband Swapping Erotica

“We actually wanted to invite you guys over again. Something about last weekend felt unfinished. Like we could have continued the evening on much longer.”

Cindy was surprised. They had left their house well after midnight.

“Oh wow,” she laughed, “you guys must be night owls!”

“We can be.” Chris laughed. He had a cockiness in his voice that turned Cindy on. “Maybe we can move the party outside this weekend. We can have a BBQ in the trees between the houses. It seems like that is where the after party was anyways.”

Cindy was stunned. They had seen them having sex on the fence.

“I, ummm… Oh my god,” she stammered.

Chris laughed. “Relax Cindy! It’s all good. Jess and I had an after party of our own anyways. Let’s just say the two of you got us both pretty worked up.”

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Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

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