Sweatpant Season: Let The Groin Gazing Begin!

Let's Tumble The Patriarchy

and Stare at Some Sexy Men

Sweatpant Season: Let The Groin Gazing Begin!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Autumn is arriving and out come all the fall clothes. Can we just talk about how hot grey sweatpants are? It is time to pay homage to some sexy men and flip the switch on objectifying females.

Let the crotch gazing begin!

Where Did Groin Grazing Come From?

When it comes tumbling patriarchal beliefs that are imposed on Women, Crotch Gazing has helped expand the conversation thanks to an amazing photo shoot featured in Vice Magazine.

Many of my Erotic Short Stories for Women are focused on the ‘story’ (clearly because they are just that: short stories). But there is an archaic belief that Women NEED a story, or emotional connection, to accompany sexual arousal. But, as my experience of being introduced to Voyeurism as a big part of my sexual journey tells, there is something to be said about a big bulge in the pants of a sexy man wielding flowers and chocolates (or maybe a vibrator and a good book!).

Crotch Gazing 101

Why is Crotch Gazing a thing?

Women have been objectified by media, and men, for as long as there has been eyes and a person to do so. And to add fuel my fire Women are TOLD what we do and do not find sexually attractive. But, I am an example of a Woman who can be visually turned on by the male physique without needing any story, or emotion connected to it. By the way: If you are unsure what it's all about be sure to check out the Vice Magazine spread. It's hot af!

Side note: Be sure to check out another great piece from Vice Magazine titled 'Sex in Our Strange World | Why Matriarchy Means Better Sex and a Better Society' Seems they're onto something over there...


Do Women Actually Crotch Gaze?

Um, yes.

What more needs to be said? As I have dug into my own sexuality and desires (and released the shame bullshit around it) I find I am much more sexually independent. Similarly to how my husband can get all heated up from seeing someone he finds visually stimulating, so can I now (Hells YES!). As mentioned above, throw in some cliche sexy fantasies and you can have me squirming in my seat.


Groin Gazing Erotica for Women

After diving into the fun, and mostly undiscovered, world of staring at Men's Bulges I am realizing there needs to be more Erotica for Women staring a bad ass babe going for what she wants: a hot stranger's bulge in his perfectly fitted pants.

Is this a Sexual Fantasy I should write more about? I have a fun short story that features Sex In Public, and Sex With a Stranger that is in Sex Talk Magazine! (Get It Here)

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