Spice Up Your Relationship (and sex life) With Erotica For Couples

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Through Erotica For Women

Spice Up Your Relationship (and sex life) With Erotica For Couples

My husband can attest it is true. Once I began to dig into my own desires and lean into the world of Erotica for Women things really began to heat up in our relationship. I am whole lot more fun in the sack when I am so turned on because I spent the afternoon reading (and now writing!) Erotica for Women.

Follow along as I share with you my tips, and tools, for turning up the fire with you partner through Erotica for Couples.

Erotica for Couples: How To Get Through A Slump

We get it. Life happens, kids happen, bills happen. It can be incredibly difficult to keep the passion alive with your significant other when your mind is bogged down with all the things you need to deal with tomorrow. Here are a few ways that Female Friendly Erotica for Couples can spice up your sex life:

  1. Erotic thoughts help women achieve orgasm
  2. Erotica can help you figure out what fantasies turn you on
  3. Erotica can bring you closer to your partner

Read on as I share some tips to use Female Friendly Erotica and Erotica for Couples to give your sex life a boost!

Erotica for Couples: Your Key To Hot Sex

Erotic Thoughts To Get You To Orgasm

Studies show that women who have Erotic thoughts during sex have better orgasms than women who don't. My favourite part of Erotica for Couples is that the steamy reads spoon feed me those Erotic thoughts. After a long day at work I don't want to have to spend the time trying to create my own fantasies. I just want someone to tell me theirs, so I can start heading down the highway to hot sex- you feel me?


Erotica Helps You Discover Your Own Fantasies

One of the best ways to spice up your sex life is to let your imagination run wild. Whether you choose to let your mind wander on your own, or with a partner, these thoughts can light a fire that you thought had long been snuffed out.

When I started leaning into some of my own fantasies, I would tell my husband about it. Turns out me talking to him about it made him extremely excited also! Fast forward to the evening after a day of naughty thoughts (and a few text messages) and we could barely wait to rip each other’s clothes off.


Erotica Brings You Closer To Your Partner

There are lots of ways to connect with your partner, but steamy sex is one of the most fun!

Having sex is easy, but leaning into fantasy, talking about what feels good and how exactly to do it, can be a lot tougher for people. Using Erotica for Couples is a great way to introduce these conversations into your relationship. We need to remember that learning about what we desire is not selfish; It is the opposite.

Leading the charge, and picking the Female Friendly Erotica that you enjoy, is a great place to start. Remember, Erotic Fantasies are just that: Fantasy. Just because you want to daydream about it doesn't mean you are wanting to act it out in real life.

Free Erotica Mini Stories To Begin Your Journey

So, there you have it. Erotica for Couples, and Female Friendly Erotica in general, can help to rekindle your sex life with your partner. Be sure to get your FREE Erotica Stories delivered straight your inbox from me to get your journey into Erotica Started.

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