New To The Idea of Erotica?

Here Is Why Every Babe Needs

A Little Steamy Read In Their Life.

New To The Idea of Erotica?

Welcome to Femme Fiction: Erotica for Women and Couples

I remember reading my first Erotic Novel (not entirely realizing that's what it was) in my early 20's. IT. WAS. HOT. AF. Just the idea of hot sex turns me on and I let my imagination do the rest. This was my introduction to the idea of Erotica Stories and writing them was inevitable for me.

If you're new to Erotica here is what you need to know. (PLUS my fave resources created by me, for you!)

Why Erotica Turns Women On

Here is the thing. Reading already offers a whole host of mental benefits, but reading steamy Erotica Short Stories can bring some of the benefits into your sex life, be it alone, or with a partner. Reading Erotica can:

  1. It can help reduce stress
  2. It can help you learn about your own desires and interests
  3. It can be written for women, by women (#BabesSupportBabes)

Read on to learn why everyone needs a little more Femme Fiction in their life.

Female Erotica for President!

Reading Erotica Helps Reduce Stress

Reading, in general, is a great way to reduce stress and help anxiety, but reading Erotica stories has been shown to have the same affect. Plus as an added bonus you get all hot and bothered and you can enjoy pleasuring yourself, or a partner, which can be an incredible stress reliever as well.


Erotica Teaches You About Your Own Sexual Desire

Many women claim that their libido dips as we get older with the stress of life, kids and work to blame. But the reality is that many women don't take them time to learn what their fantasties and desires really are. We learn about sex from the male perspective and never take the time to expolore what turns us on, what feels good and how to pleasure ourself with, and without, a partner. Erotica helps us lean into our own sexuality.


Erotica is Hugely Feminist

Women cannot depend on men to teach them how to feel about their bodies, what feels good, and how to pleasure themselves. Many Erotica Authors are women (such as yours truly) and you are supporting something that can be made by women for women. If women do not lead the way in this area, will we depend on men to do it?

Female Friendly Erotica Is Amazing

To sum it up, Erotica is not only enjoyable, but it can be argued that it offers many physical and healthy benefits. As with everything in life it is no shape way or form the be all and end all of feeling good, but it is a welcome addition to your sexual exploration.

To fuel your journey I have created some incredible resources that will help you along the way:

  1. Free Erotic Short Stories delivered to your inbox.
  2. Femme Fiction Fantasy Department: choose your fantasy and begin your exploration! (stay tuned for weekly Free Erotica stories, and resources should you choose to explore more!)
  3. Femme Fiction Kindle Erotica eBooks (Affordable, discreet, and steamy!)
  4. and, of course, the Femme Fiction Articles to learn and research by category.

Femme Fiction hopes to be a fun and safe Female Erotica Community for women to begin their sexual journey. Enjoy!

Ask Veronica

Q: What Was Your First Introduction to Erotica?

A: Like many other young women at the time, it was a very gentle introduction when I read the Twlight Series! That made me hot! (Note to self: Write some Vampire Erotica). I remember being blown away that a book was turning me on.


Q: What Other Erotica Do You Recommend Checking Out?

A: Honestly, there are so many awesome authors on Kindle (Bonus: you can buy Kindle e-Books on Amazon without anyone knowing you are purchasing Erotica!) Just search for the words you're into, and of course try something from my library!


Q: What Other Resources for Women do you recommend?

A: A big part of what fueled my desire to create Femme Fiction was that difficult time I had finding Erotica for Women and other Sex Positive Resources. One of the first that I was introduced to, and still one of my favourites, was XConfessions by Erika Lust. You can enjoy adult entertainment knowing that their values are in line with mine.


Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles is a Female Sex Positivity Movement. Veronica specializes in writing Female Friendly Erotica, and her vision is to create a shame free environment to normalize sexual desire and pleasure for Women. Be sure to join the Femme Fiction Community to get free Erotica for Women sent directly to your inbox, as well as be the first to know about other sex positive resources she releases.

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