My Journey To BIG Orgasms Through Female Friendly Erotica

Pleasure Seeking

Through Erotica for Women

My Journey To BIG Orgasms Through Female Friendly Erotica

Society teaches us that sex is taboo and 'good girls' don't talk about these things. Most pornography teaches us to please men and female pleasure is almost a non-issue. THIS HAS TO CHANGE.

Join me on my journey to discovering the Big 'O' through Female Friendly Erotica.

All Women Need Female Friendly Erotica In Their Life

As I approached my 36th birthday I realized that I didn't know how to make myself orgasm. I am sure I have orgasmed in my life (or had I!?), but the idea of settling in and spending time to learn how to pleasure myself was completely unheard of.

Sex Ed taught me all about preventing pregnancy and STDs, but who was to teach women about female pleasure? Certainly, men weren't going to.

This HAD to change.

Men and women have drastically different abilities to achieve orgasm, which is referred to as the Orgasm Gap. I decided to get my edu-macation on (Simpson's Reference) and learn more about what matters to me in the bedroom:

  1. Female Anatomy From A Pleasure Perspective
  2. How Women Achieve Orgasm
  3. How to Spice Up My Sex Life Alone

Three Steps To The Big O For Women

Female Anatomy: From A Pleasure Perspective

The one thing I know for sure, is every woman has a different idea of what does and doesn't feel good when it comes to being stimulated. And, it can also change from day to day for one single person.

Fun Fact: Did you know the clitoris is actually wish bone shaped, packed with thousands of nerve endings that stretch down into your pelvis? It was a part of my body I wanted to know more about, and STAT!

The long and short of it was a I needed to do some research for myself, and some trial and error may occur along the way. It's safe to say that even a bad day of learning about what feels good is still a win in this researcher's book!


How Women Achieve Orgasm

There is probably nothing more misunderstood and mysterious than the female orgasm. For me to learn how to have some amazing ones on my own, I needed to learn all about the female the orgasm and ways to achieve it.

I had reached orgasm in the past from intercourse (ok, it was my vibrator) and for the most part my clitoris was hands off. Because I had never spent the time getting to know what I did, and did not like, and how to pleasure myself on my own I had no idea how to guide my partner in getting me there.

After spending the time I realized that orgasm from clitoral stimulation was my favourite type of orgasm! Who knew!?

Vibrators: For Women, By Women 

How I Spiced Up My Sex Life, Alone

After I learned all about Female Pleasure, and the Big O, I had to dive into some research time. The fun thing about me, and often many other women, is what works one day may not work as well the next day. And needless to say that was suuuuuuper frustrating for me once I had figured out how to cum on my own.

But one thing for sure that made a BIG difference was the mental foreplay that needed to happen. Enter Erotica For Her! For me to achieve orgasm I needed to be mentally stimulated, so the rest of my body got the memo that it was go time.

I learned very quickly that most Porn and Erotica were catered to Men, and often I was turned completely off, which was the opposite effect than what I was truing to achieve. This journey, and frustrations within it, were big inspirations to create Femme Fiction and create more Erotica For Women.

Achieving Orgasm Through Erotica For Women

So, to sum it all up I spent some time (and I highly recommend you do too!) learning the who, what, when, why and how of self pleasure. After learning a thing or two about my body I got to work with some incredible Female Friendly Erotica and some of my favourite toys.

Femme Fiction: Tools for More Female Orgasms!

To fuel your journey I have created some incredible resources that will help you along the way:

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  2. Femme Fiction Fantasy Department: choose your fantasy and begin your exploration! (stay tuned for weekly Free Erotica stories, and resources should you choose to explore more!)
  3. Femme Fiction Kindle Erotica eBooks (Affordable, discreet, and steamy!)
  4. and, of course, the Femme Fiction Articles to learn and research by category.

Get it all, and enjoy your journey to BIG Orgasms!

XOXO Veronica

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