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More Than Friends eBook By Veronica Styles

More Than Friends eBook By Veronica Styles

Kindle Erotica: The Backstory

Julia and Colin had been best friends for years. They had met in middle school at the ice rink. He played hockey and she was a figure skater. Although there had been rumours that there was something more between them, they were just that: rumours. Julia valued having Colin in her life more than anything. After her parents divorced, she leaned on his friendship more than ever. She was an only child and Julia could not risk losing him.

He Changed The Game

Colin threw his arm around her shoulder and gave her a squeeze, as if he was trying to communicate their casualness.

But it wasn’t the same old scene. Colin missed Julia while she was gone and he had decided, once and for all, that he was going to let her know exactly how he felt. He had bought her the most beautiful white gold bracelet and had been contemplating exactly what he would say while she was gone.

He Couldn't Hold It Back Any Longer

The group raised their glasses at Colin’s encouragement and toasted the bride and groom to be. At the end of the evening Colin came up to Julia, careful not to give into his desire to touch her, to grab her and finally experience her in all the ways he had been longing for: Her soft lips on his, her long legs wrapped around his waist, her wetness pooling as he caressed every part of her body.

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When Friends Become Lovers Erotica

“I have been waiting all day to get you alone” Colin whispered into her ear.

It sent chills down her spine. He looked down at Julia and kissed her. It was a deep, passionate kiss. She felt weak in the knees.

Any reserve she would normally have to argue and worry about their friendship seemed to have disappeared. Colin wanted her, right then and there, and she didn’t want to fight him this evening. She wanted to give in and see where it took her.

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