Introducing Your Partner to Sex Toys: A How-To Guide





Introducing Your Partner to Sex Toys: A How-To Guide

Although its 2022 and pleasure toys have been a part of the conversation, and even mainstream media, for decades, there are still many people who are hesitant to bring them into the bedroom.

Whether your partner thinks toys are for solo play only, are secretly (or not so secretly) intimidated of them, or is overwhelmed about all things pleasure-in-a-box, this article is here to give you some real world tips and ideas on how to make sex toys a fun and welcomed part of your sex life.

Why Use Sex Toys with Your Partner?

Here is the thing, sex toys are not meant to replace sex with another a human. Although a vibrator can be an absolute saviour during times when some solo lovin' is needed, that is defintely not their only use. Sex toys are a great way to:

    1. experience different sensations
    2. watch your partner pleasure themselves
    3. dive deeper into your sexuality
    4. add some fun and excitement to your sex life
    5. reach orgasm in hard-to-reach places
    6. increase your overall satisfaction in bed

Sexuality Blogs: Introducing Sex Toys to Your Partner

So, if you are reading this article it's safe to assume you are looking for more toy play with your partner. Without further ado, here are some great ways you can let your partner know you want more toy play together:

Just Start The Conversation

If you have yet to just straight up let your partner know you want to bring more toys in to your sex life, then please just stop reading right now and go do so. If you have and there hasn't been any change then perhaps you can take some initiative to continue the conversation. Ask them to shop with you to pick something out, or maybe there is something they may have wanted to try with you.

Share The Facts about Toys in the Bedroom

If your partner has reservations, assure them that contrary to old school beliefs, sex toys are not meant to replace them. At the end of the day, the human body has its limitations, as do sex toys. Each have a purpose that cannot be replicated. A glass wand will never be as soft and warm as a real penis, and no matter how hard you try, a genital will never vibrate quite like these mind blowing, and super chic looking, vibrators by Dame.

Bigger Orgasms for All: Hooray!

Futher to the point above, letting your partner know that there are ways that toys can help you reach orgasm that are just different than oral, or p-in-v sex can. And that's ok! The gorgeous Sacred Squirter was perfectly designed to stimulate the ever elusive G Spot and make you fully understand why you would need a mattress protector. And The Eva was designed to tuck into the labia and stimulate the clitoris, while leaving your hands free for other activities with you partner- doubling the pleasure for all involved.

Keep it Positive

Bring up using a toy together for the first time outside of the bedroom. Many people are insecure about their 'performance' in the bedroom (side note: sex is not a performance, it's an ongoing, ebbing and flowing connection experience) and if your partner feels you are unsatisfied with your sex life, it may lead to resistance. Keep things light and focused on the positive experience it will bring to everyone.

Wands, and Dildos, and Vibrators: Oh My!

I hope this guide is a helpful way for you to introduce your partner to toy play. Using a toy in the bedroom has been proven time and time again to bring many benefits to your sex life, physical and even mental well being.

At Femme Fiction, Veronica styles and her team partner with only the best Woman owned sex toy companies, bringing you body safe, female pleasure focused, and fun toys for the bedroom (and at a discount! Check them out here). Have fun and Girl, Go Touch Yourself! XO V

Sex Toy FAQ's

Q: What is the best sex toy for married couples?

A: When shopping for a toy to use with your partner, always keep in mind that what feels good to one, may not be the same as to another. As always though, our team has found some amazing toys that can be used on people of all genders, in a variety of ways:

  1. Crystal wands come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes for your pleasure. If you and your partner are into using crystals for meditation and energy, then these luxe pieces are sure to help increase your self love and your orgasms.
  2. Glass dildos are incredibly body safe and excellent for temperature play (ie: dip it into warm water, or ice water prior to entering the body). And an added bonus is they are so beautiful you may find yourself wanting to display it on your nightstand! See what we mean!?
  3. Vibrators are great for couples and can be used for everything from hands free clitoral stimulation, a small bullet for discreet vibration (in public maybe!? fun!) or can be used externally on both male and female genitals.
  4. Anal toys are not only beautiful, but also incredibly pleasureful. Check out the Femme Fiction Anal Sex How to Guide and get your gorgeous plugs and more here.

Whatever route you go, all products you find on our site are female owned, made for pleasure and have a discount code for you! Have fun!

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