How To Increase Your Sex Drive: For Women, By Women

Light A Fire In Your Bedroom

With 5 Simple Tips

How To Increase Your Sex Drive: For Women, By Women

Alright. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart (and some other body parts *wink wink*) Because it's real talk time: life is hard and busy af, so our sex drive will take a dip (or a complete DIVE) from time to time. There are many things that can affect a Woman's Libido, but there are some sure fire ways to Increase Your Sex Drive and I am excited to share them with you!

Why Take The Time To Increase Your Sex Drive

We all know that sex is important (or maybe we don't? I am here to tell you: SEX IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT!), but why exactly should we devote the time to taking care of and increasing our libido?

  1. Health Benefits: everything from decreasing headaches, lowering stress and heart benefits says Embry Women's Health.
  2. Psychological Benefits: Very Well Mind sites that having more sex can help you have better self image, and increased happiness.
  3. It's Good For Your Relationship: (with yourself too, but that's a whole 'notha blog post!)

So, here are some tried and true ways to 'Light A Fire In Your Bedroom' and Increase Your Sex Drive!

5 Tips To Increase The Female Libido

Let's just start with some ol' fashioned Myth Busters! There is no 'magic pill', medicine or supplement that is going to do this for you. I am not discounting the fact that self care through great nutrition, vitamins + supplements, and medicine prescribed by your doctor aren't incredibly important to feeling damn good, but this is about some simple ways to Increase Your Sex Drive and see some great results in your sex life.

Ready for it? Here we go!


Schedule In Dates With Your Partner

For many women, there is a BIG connection between feeling emotionally connected/satisfied and reaching orgasm. Life is busy and ensuring you are prioritizing your time to connect, have fun, and try new things together is a sure-fire way to keep things going well in the bedroom.

Pro Tip: Dates don't need to be a night out, or some expensive elaborate event. Tuck away your electronics, and read some Erotica together, or watch an Ethical Adult Film like XConfessions.


Play An Erotic Game

This is a fun way to keep things fresh in the bedroom. We all can get caught up in routine, which seems like the easiest way to hit all the marks on a steamy bedroom romp, but here is the thing: Many Women need variety to reach orgasm. Playing a fun Erotic Game like sexy dice can have you both laughing and finding some new erogenous zones.



My saying is 'Girl, Go Touch Yourself' for a reason! Masturbation is an incredible way to Increase Female Sex Drive. lists some of the benefits of masturbation as:

I am on board for all of those things, so as I have said before, and will say again: Girl, Go Touch Yourself!


Explore Your Fantasies

One of the reasons I started Femme Fiction was because I wanted more ways to lean into my sexual desires without the 'Yuck' factor that came with mainstream pornography and Erotica. I knew that many Women 'wrote off' Erotica and adult flims (like I had), so my vision was to create my own Erotica for Her so Women could explore their own fantasies, shame free. Push through your discomfort and shame, if you have any, and lean into those steamy daydreams.


Communicate Your Fantasies With Your Partner

After you lean into your Sexual Fantasies on your own, it's time to share them with your partner. Let's be clear about this though: there are two types of fantasy. One that you ONLY want to fantasize about, and the other than you want to act out in real life. These can change over time, but be very clear about what kind of fantasy it is before you broach the conversaion with your partner.

This is a fun way to connect and get aaaaaall worked up (I like to share mine with my partner in the morning on the way to work. That way we have all day to think about the naughty things we want to do when we get home.)

Make Increasing Your Sex Drive Priority

I can say from personal experience that they day I decided 'Fuck it! I am gonna figure out exactly how to make myself orgasm' and I made it a priority in my life everything began to change. It was not an overnight result, but the continuous effort proved to be a big personal success for:

And of course, enjoying Free Erotic Stories was a big part of turning that engine up and I highly recommend you take advantage of my Free Erotica to your Inbox by joining my mailing list!

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Increase Your Sex Drive With Femme Fiction

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