Girl, Go Touch Yourself!

This Is More Than Just a Slogan.

It's Everything For Women.

Girl, Go Touch Yourself!

Real talk time ladies. I started Femme Fiction to accomplish much more than just provide super steamy Erotica for Women. My Vision for Femme Fiction was bring a strong voice to female sexuality and pleasure.

I wanted to normalize conversation around: Female Pleasure, Feminism, Shame and Sexuality, and Sex Positivity

Let's dive into my slogan 'Girl, Go Touch Yourself' and WHY it's a huge part of my messaging.

Raising Strong Girls Begins With Us

When my daughter was born I wanted to give her the best life I could. I wanted to dive into anything and everything that was missing in my upbringing and give it all to her.

Although my family, and school, were lightyears ahead in terms of sex education there is still so much missing from this narrative. It has become my passion to shed light on this topic and be a platform for Women to push through their discomfort and learn everything there is to know about Female Pleasure.

Let's dig in!

Female Pleasure 101

Ok friends. It is really important to understand what exactly we have going on down there, how to use it and how to take care of it.

According to Planned Parenthood our anatomy is laid out like this:

  • External Parts: Your Vulva which is made up of your Labia, Clitoris, Vaginal opening, and Urethra opening.
  • Internal Parts: Vagina, Cervix, Uterus, Fallopian tubes, Fimbriae, Ovaries, Bartholin’s glands. Skene’s glands, Hymen, and G spot.

Don't worry, I won't be quizzing you. But it is important we know the basics of our badass female reproductive and pleasure organs. Now comes the FUN part and how Girl, Go Touch Yourself became such a pivotal part of Femme Fiction.

Erotica and Masturbation For All!

I believe that all women should own their sexuality and take the time to explore what feels good and how they like to be touched.

Shame around sex is something many of us have to battle with due to religious views, past traumas, lack of conversation around sexuality and so much more. The best want to release shame is arm yourself with knowledge and surround yourself with people who are living the way you want to live.

When I woke up and realized I knew sweet eff all about Female Pleasure and how exactly I liked to be touched I realized I had some homework to do. This (super fun) homework was what lead me to dig into my own fantasies and desires, toys, masturbation, and what exactly I did and did not like in the bedroom.

Through my own journey I realized a couple of things:

  1. Every Women NEEDS to be encouraged to explore their own sexuality, desires, fantasies, likes and dislikes.
  2. All Women need to have access to sex AND pleasure education.
  3. Female Pleasure and desire is nothing to be ashamed of and all Women should be encouraged to enjoy their sexuality.

Based on everything I have shared with you above is how the phrase 'Girl, Go Touch Yourself' came to be. As much as I enjoy writing Erotica For Women, I knew there needed to be more to my platform. It needed to have a strong voice that encouraged all women to step into their sexuality and Girl, Go Touch Yourself.

XO Veronica

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it normal for women to masturbate?

A: Friendly reminder: normal is not a real thing. But yes, it is absolutely 'normal' and should be encouraged. Women (and Men) should be encouraged to get to know their own bodies and be assured that pleasure, and self-pleasure, are totally healthy and offer many benefits.

Q: Is it normal to masturbate every day?

A: Heck yes. If it feels good for you- go right ahead!


Q: Does masturbation cause infertility?

A: Not at all. This is a myth and is a social constraint that needs to be forever forgotten.


Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

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Light A Fire In Your Bedroom, and Girl, Go Touch Yourself! XO V

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