Free Erotica for Her: When Friends Become Lovers

It May Have Taken Years

But They Finally Found Their Way To Eachother

Free Erotica for Her: When Friends Become Lovers

Friends to lovers Erotica can be fun to write. I don't often explore my romantic side when it comes to writing, so these can actually be a challenge for me. My friends with attest that I was never the girl to watch a RomCom with them. But, alas here I am digging deep and creating a fun, and steamy, short story. I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to join my mailing list for more free erotica!

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Sometimes the stars align, but oh sometimes they do not. I guess I have to start by going back a bit...

Erik and I have known each other FOREVER. We met in high school and we hit it off. Nothing more than just friendship at that time as I was in a committed, long-distance relationship.

Obviously, high school long distance relationships typically don't make it the long haul and we broke up our freshman year of College. Erik and I were still friends, in fact we worked at the same restaurant together, but he was in a relationship and I was enjoying the single life. Yet again, the stars didn't align for us.

In college I met Jeremy and we married after graduation. Despite my friends warning me, and my intuition yelling at me, I walked down the isle that day. Here we are 8 months later, separated and I am buying a condo for myself. I sure wish I had caught him cheating before we wasted money on a wedding, but I digress...

Guess who my realtor is?

Free Romantic Erotica for Her

As he unlocked the door to my new place I walked inside and paused. I looked around the living room and out the large windows. It was bittersweet being here. You know how it is. Just 'the feels', you know?

Erik walked over to the kitchen counter and placed the keys and paperwork down. He walked back over towards me and I turned around to face him.
We stood there for a moment.

We weren't as close after I married Jeremy he didn’t hesitate when I called him that night in tears, unsure where to turn after finding all the messages from the other Women.

He didn't flinch, judge, or expect a thing. He had been there through it all and was my rock through this fucking mess.

So many words needed to be said, but now wasn't the time. You see, when the stars align, you just can't fight these things. I had to go through all the shit to end up in this exact moment. With him. Ready after 15 years.

I stepped in towards him and looked up.

Friends to Lovers Erotica

Before I knew what was happening, we were half naked on the floor of my new condo. Years of bad timing and sexual chemistry came spilling out of us both.

Our kisses were electric. Our bodies fit like a puzzle.

It felt so good to be touched again. It felt amazing to feel so free.

Erik gently laid me down on the floor and explored my body. He was incredibly skilled, and soft, with his hands. My skin was covered in goosebumps feeling his fingertips on my breasts, his breath on my neck, his tongue on my nipples.

"I want you" I whispered. My voice shook in anticipation.

Erik stopped and looked me square in the eyes.

"You have me"

My phone was vibrating incessantly, but I didn't think to stop. Erik was savouring every inch of my skin, kissing and tasting me. I could feel the warm of his mouth and the warm of the sun through the windows. He was moving down my body pausing at the mouth of my arousal.

I let out a moan as Erik parted my lips with his tongue. Every part of me was begging for more of him and it was apparent by the dew dripping down from my lips and into the floor.

I tried to pull him up because I wanted to have him inside of me after so many years, but he made me wait. He licked my pussy until I begged for it. I had tears in my eyes from the immense pleasure.

Erik came up and laid on top of me. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. We kissed, deeply, and lovingly as he slid himself inside of me.


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