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Finding Passion By Veronica Styles

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Shanna was grateful. On paper everything was freaking amazing. The problem was Shanna was also, kind of, bored.

Her boyfriend Todd was fun, adventurous and successful. He had taken the time to travel South America with friends and Shanna knew she had missed out on the trip of a lifetime.

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After a particularly boring day at work Shanna was excited to learn that Todd's good friend Owen, a fitness pro, and his girlfriend Crystal would be coming to town for the weekend. Shanna and Todd could not wait for a weekend staycation. Things get interesting when Shanna learns that the stunning Crystal is not only a good time to party with, but she is also a Manahattan Exotic Dancer.

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Crystal grabbed her by the hand and said “Come. Let’s make the boys sweat a little.”

Crystal guided her down onto the edge of the booth and sat her down. She faced Shanna and placed her long, tanned leg up on the booth beside her; Shanna could see Crystal’s pink panties staring her in the face as she proceeded to give Shanna her first ever lap dance. Crystal turned around and gently, and seductively, danced just above Shanna’s lap. She could feel her bare ass, and soft, lacy thong rubbing the top of her legs. It sent chills up her spine.

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Crystal leaned into Shanna’s ear and whispered “Let’s give the boys a night they won’t forget. Are you in?"

Shanna nodded, feeling like another person entirely. “I am so in.”

Shanna stood up Crystal held hand her hand. “Follow us.” Crystal said. Owen and Todd obeyed and followed the girls behind the curtain in the VIP area.

There was a large cushioned bench tucked just behind the booth and the group headed in together. Crystal, taking the lead, pulled Shanna and Owen towards each other. Shanna paused for a moment unsure what Todd would do.

“Kiss her.” Crystal said to Owen. Something about the way she spoke meant she would not accept no for an answer.

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