Female Friendly Erotica: Pleasure without the 'Yuck' Feeling

More Passion. Less Bullshit.

Female Friendly Erotica: Pleasure without the 'Yuck' Feeling

I freaking LOVE getting turned on by a good steamy read or titillating video. But when I began to dive into the world of Online Erotica and Pornography I was often left feeling very let down and turned off.

Just because an industry is mostly dominated by things that don't 'work' for you in the sack, doesn't mean it does not exist. It just means you may have to work a little harder to find it. Let's dive into Erotica For Women and just why we are starting to see more and more Erotica for Her.

Erotica For Women: Let's Change The Game

Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry and is catered mostly to men (with the exception of incredible Women leading the charge such as Erika Lust with her Adult Flim projects: XConfessions and ElseCinema).

But when I began my journey into Sexual Self Discovery and Female Pleasure I knew that the idea of watching other people have sex was very arousing to me, yet anytime I tried to watch anything online I was left feeling turned off, degraded and often sick to my stomach. What ended up happening was I would relate misogyny with sex; This is not what sex is all about it.

In the persuit of Sex Positivity and learning more about what turns me on I found Erotica and was introduced to Erika Lust which let me know I was on the right track: Female Friendly Erotica and Ethical Adult Films were out there, but not enough.

Here are some of the starting points I used to begin my journey.

Erotica For Her: Enjoying Fantasy Without Feeling 'Gross'

I want to share some of the ways I began my journey into Sexual Exploration and Female Pleasure without feeling degraded, or like I was doing something wrong. There are many sex positive resources out there, and we just need to share them loud and proud!


Ethical Adult Films

It's no surprise that when you search Ethical Porn you find an article from Erika Lust with her list of 8 places you can enjoy pornography while knowing the performers are paid fairly and focused on female pleasure. Know you can enjoy watching any type of sex you're into while knowing you are supporting people who are being treated fairly. That alone is enough to make this girl wet.


Free Erotic Stories

One of my first introductions to Free Erotica was Smile Makers Collection. They provide Free Online Erotica, as well as their website that sells some fun toys to try along side your reading adventures. Win, win!

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Women Lead Companies + Educators

I found a lot of my inspiration to begin my sexual journey on Instagram. Here are some super strong, sex positive women I recommend digging into:

  • Gigi Engle: Award Winning Feminist Author, Certified Sexologist + Educator.
  • Rosie Rees: Sexuality + Relationship Coach, CEO of Yoni Pleasure Palace + Nude Yoga Founder at Naked Awakening
  • Crave: Women Lead sex toy company

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Women's Erotica: To Be Enjoyed, Shame Free

Sex (and the sex industry) is not shameful, dirty, and should not create feelings of degradation for you. Women are strong and beautiful. We should enjoy feeling passion in our lives and the feeling of being desired by others without any bullshit attached to it.

Whether you are in search of Romantic Erotica, or wanting to explore a fantasy you haven't admitted just yet, know there are lots of resources, and women, who are here to support you on your journey. Surround yourself with them.

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