Fantasies For Women: From Anal to Z


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The Most Common Erotic Fantasies

Fantasies For Women: From Anal to Z

The best part about writing Erotica For Women? I get to explore many different types of fantasies, desires, and pleasures. I love knowing that I am helping, and encouraging, Women to embark on a journey of sexual self exploration often for the very first time.

Follow along as we dig into some of the most common sexual fantasies and some helpful tips and resources if you want to explore them!

A Word On Shame and Sex

A big reason I was inspired to start the Femme Fiction Community was because I knew a thing or two about shame and how detrimental it was not just to my sex life, but all parts of my life.

Web MD states diving into your sexuality has many benefits including:

  • a healthier immune system
  • increased sex drive
  • pelvic floor strengthening
  • decreased blood pressure
  • pain relief
  • better sleep
  • lower stress

When I began to share may shame with someone trusted (I highly recommend a trained professional) and let the light shine on that sh*t, I immediately noticed a huge shift in how I felt around sex.

Through my journey of Female Friendly Erotica and Ethical Adult Films I pushed through my discomfort and shame and began to enjoy sex like never before.

Exploring Some of the Most Common Sexual Fantasies


You may think of Anal Sex and wonder how this could be a 'common' sexual fantasy for Women, but it really is! Anal Sex is actually a fun way to achieve orgasm and lots of lube is key! If the idea of anal sex turns you on, but you are unsure of how to 'ease' into it I highly recommend starting with something gentle and enjoyable like this. And don't forget some good, heavy lubrication!

If you want to explore some Free Anal Play Erotica for Women feel free to check out my short story called I Bought A Butt Plug: A First Time Erotic Story.


Friends With Benefits

Who hasn't had a fantasy about that one friend who checks all the boxes? You know the one who you just can't imagine making the move on, but you also hope you both have a few too many drinks one night? Friends with Benefits Erotica is a super steamy Fantasy and you can explore it in my Amazon Erotica eBook called 'More Than Friends'. (Also I offer a FREE Erotic Prequel to this story by joining my mailing list!)

If you enjoy Bi-Sexual Erotica check out this other Friends With Benefits Free Erotic Story titled Bi-Curious: An Erotic Story For Women.



This one may make you, or your partner, uncomfortable. But here is what you need to keep in mind as you explore your desires: Just because it turns you on, it does NOT mean you want to do it in real life. There are a lot of things about the idea of infidelity that is exciting: the idea of something/one new, taboo, having a secret etc, but the point of exploring Erotica For Women is to explore sexual fantasy and get turned on (Hence my fave saying: Girl, Go Touch Yourself!). And if Infidelity doesn't turn you on, that's ok too! Check out this fun Infidelity Erotic Mini called: The Dual Ended Glass Dildo.


Mutual Masturbation

This one is HOT! Masturbation is very welcome in our house and watching eachother masturbate, but not actually touching eachother, is a super fun way to switch things up and build some serious sexual anticipation towards your partner.

If you want to exlore a tidbit about mutual masturbation check out my Kindle eBook 'Finding Passion', about Shanna and Todd. There are more than a few steamy sex scenes, but they engage in this common Erotic fantasy together near the start of the story.


Open Relationships

There is a lot to be said about the idea of being in an open relationship, or engaging in Compersion, which is defined by Urban Dictionary as 'The satisfaction/joy that you feel when your partner receives pleasure from someone else.' Scary? Yes. Hot af? Also YES!

Here is the thing. My husband and I have not taken any physical steps down the road to a polyamorous relationship, but we lean into the fantasy, and it makes me HOT.



I am going to share some articles from Men's Health about why Men like getting pegged, and why Women love doing it because it is pretty damn sexy! Now I understand this might seem faaaaaaar down the kink road than you be used to fantasizing about (or not!!!), but this really is a fun Erotic Fantasy to dream, read, and watch. (Ethical adult films only please!) If you are wanting to explore this for the first time I highly recommend watching 'I Pegged My Boyfriend' By Erika Lust.


Same Sex Encounters

Katy Perry may have made it mainstream with her song 'I Kissed A Girl', but Same Sex Encounters have been a turn on for many since the dawn of time. I wrote a Free Erotic Short story on this topic, as well as answered from Frequently Asked Questions about Bi-sexual Fantasies.

Also, be sure to check out my Femme Fiction Fantasy Department Same Sex Encounter Page for more fun Bi-Sexual Erotica.


Sex in Public

This is a fun fantasy! If you want to read an Erotic Story about sex in public I have a few Free Erotica Mini's when you join my email list on this very topic, plus my Kindle Erotica eBooks: The New Neighbours, Finding Passion, and More Than Friends all feature sex scenes in a public place. Its a very common and enjoyable sexual fantasy to start with and often turns into a bucket list item for most people. Be sure to check out the Sex In Public Section in the Femme Fiction Fantasy Department!


Sex With A Stranger

I am currently writing an Erotic Mini for a digital magazine that features sex with a stranger. It is a common fantasy for many to take the lead and grab some sexy human for an impromptu rendezvous- no names needed.

While I am cooking up more steamy Stranger Sex Erotica For Women be sure to join my email list and take a moment to read my Free Erotic Story called 'The Elevator'.

FREE EROTICA sneak peak for you:

'Jane stood in front of Channing in her bra, pencil skirt and heels. She was still leaning against the elevator wall breathing deeply. Channing reached down and pulled her skirt up, exposing her panties. He reached between her legs without asking permission, pulled her panties to the side and felt her pool of moisture with his pointer and middle finger. She closed her eyes and laid her head back against the wall.'

Yeah, you might wanna get the rest of that one ASAP. Oh, by the way, it has a super fun twist at the end that will leave you begging for more!

Get this HOT AF Sex With A Stranger Free Erotic Story here.


Swinging/Partner Swapping

The fantasy of Swinging was an inspiration for my first story 'The New Neighbours' which tells the story of Cindy and James. What starts as a friendship with their neighbours becomes 'complicated' when Chris and Jessica see them having hot sex one night on the fence that separates their houses. Things get really interesting when Chris calls Cindy one sunny afternoon and let's her know just how much he enjoyed the show. Hot, right!? Stay tuned for more Partner Swapping Erotica in the Fantasy Department!


Threesomes/Group Sex

This common Fantasy is often a main player in many Erotica for Women stories. Why? There is no right, or wrong, way to enjoy group sex. It can be any combination of people and dynamics. I also love the idea of a threesome with two men because so many stories are aimed at men with the story line of two subservient women. It's fun and empowering to flip the script and be adored by two sexy men.

Stay tuned closely to the Femme Fiction Fantasy Department for Group Sex Erotica!!!



I can truly say this is where it all began for me. When I started to explore Erotica and Ethical Adult Videos from XConfessions I learned that the idea of voyeurism reeeeeeeeeally did it for me. I lusted hard over the idea of watching people have sex. Learning to unapologetically, and shame free, step into this sexual fantasy was huge for me and it is still one of my favourites. (Although voyeurism, by definition, is illegal and non-consenting I am refering to consenting adults ALWAYS in my fantasies.)

Check out the Voyeur Fantasy Department for some fun Voyeur Erotica for Women.

Female Friendly Erotica To Explore Your Fantasies

I envision a world where female sexuality is NOT considered dirty, or taboo. I want to live in a world where women (and non-binary individuals) are free to experience their sexuality in a way that feels good to them, shame free, and without fear of judgement.

Enjoy this list of Erotic Fantasies in our Fantasy Department and Light A Fire In Your Bedroom.

Xo Veronica

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can sexual fantasies become unhealthy?

A: Of course you can cross the line with any type of fantasy, sexual or otherwise. But my rule of thumb is if it makes you happy, is consensual, legal, and is not causing issues in other parts of your life then enjoy it! Of course there is a dark side to sexual fantasy (as with anything in life if you overdo it), but for the most part if you follow the points I listed above your fantasies will bring nothing but good times to your life!

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

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Light A Fire In Your Bedroom, and Girl, Go Touch Yourself! XO V

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