Erotica For Women: The Key To Hot Sex

Unlock Hotter Sex

By Getting To Know Yourself Better

Erotica For Women: The Key To Hot Sex

I have a mission to make Erotica for Women so welcoming and unintimidating that everyone uses it as a way to Light a Fire in their Bedroom!

After I hesitantly began to explore the world of Erotica I realized that there was a need for more Erotica for Her that women could use to explore and begin their journey into Erotic Reading.

Follow along as I share my tips for introducing Erotic Stories as a way to hotter sex!

Erotica For Women For Hotter Sex

Once I decided to explore the world of Female Erotica I was blown away by how it rekindled our sex life. By taking the time to focus on my wants and desires I unlocked a whole side to me that I didn't even know was there.

Once I started reading Erotica I experienced:

  1. Increased sex drive
  2. Better orgasms
  3. Exploration into my own fantasties and desires

Here are my top tips to unlocking hotter sex through Female Friendly Erotica.

How I Use Erotica to Learn More About Myself

Erotica Increased My Sex Drive

It's common to go through slumps in the bedroom- either by yourself, or with your partner. My sex drive has been through many ups and downs due to health issues, stress, work, kids, you name it...

Having an active and enjoyable sex life is so important and I wanted to put more energy into that part of my life. It's always seemed amazing to me how we put energy into our fitness goals, work/school goals, financial goals, but so often we ignore our sex life and how important it is for our mental wellness and relationship.

After I decided to no longer be a victim to my circumstances I leaned into the world of Erotica to explore and open my mind. What I found was I not only enjoyed Erotic Reading, and the hot sex or self stimulation that would follow it, but it lit a fire inside of me that was exactly what I was looking for.


How Erotica Helped Me Orgasm More Frequently

I have to say this was one of my favourite areas to explore and develop as I began my journey into hotter sex through Female Friendly Erotica!

The idea of reaching climax was something that happened randomly and I had no idea how to get there on my own.

After I began reading Erotica for Her I found that the mental foreplay would bring me near climax and I could then reach orgasm more easily by myself. Only then was I able to bring this fun research into sex with my partner and let's just say he had a great time exploring my new research also.


Erotica Allowed Me To Unlock My Fantasies

In the past anytime I had been introduced to pornography it was often a turn off for me. I loved the idea of super hot sensual sex, and more often than not porn left me feeling like I was watching something that was neither hot, nor sensual. That's not to say I don't enjoy watching other types of sex, but the porn industry always felt out of alignment with my core values.

Reading Erotica allowed me to use my imagination to explore my sexual desires without feeling like I was doing something 'wrong'.

Side note: I found adult entertainment that aligns with all the Femme Fiction core values and it's a Woman-led, equal pay company with a focus on Female Pleasure! The best!

Erotica for Her: The Ultimate Foreplay

Grabbing a steamy eBook is a great way to bust through a sexual slump. You can enjoy it by yourself, or with a partner, to increase your libido, explore new things, and to reach new climax heights.

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xo Veronica

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