Erotica For Her: Your Gateway To Female Orgasm

Girl, Go Touch Yourself!

Erotica For Her: Your Gateway To Female Orgasm

Erotica For Women To Exploring Your Desires

There are not enough words I can write to drive home why I love writing (and reading) Erotica for Her. Once upon a time I was a young girl who was raised in a very Catholic home. Although I believe my parents did the best with the skills they had, there were a lot of things that we never talked about. Birth control, pregnancy and STDs were, but sexuality and pleasure were definitely not.

How I Used Erotica To Learn About My Own Sexuality

Enter my 30's and I was a woman on a mission. I wanted to raise my daughters with body knowledge and zero shame about their own sexuality. But to do this, I knew I needed to lean into my own.

I was happily married and living a fabulous life, but something MAJOR was missing. I wanted to raise my daughters with a strong sense of self, and I wanted them to be proud to be women- including fully understanding their own bodies and sexuality, but I realized I had never fully explored this area of myself.

Follow along as I take you through my journey of:

  1. Learning about female pleasure
  2. How explored my own desires
  3. How I use Erotica for Women as a conduit into my own fantasies

Female Friendly Erotica For Increased Female Pleasure

Learning About Female Pleasure

Oh, the moment I realized I didn't know enough about my own body. The fun I had! I kick myself now for missing out on years of enhanced pleasure!

I started my journey into Erotica for Her by learning all about the suuuuuuper incredible female pleasure centre. Here are some fun female pleasure facts:

      • For many women the Clitoris is the #1 way to reach orgasm and experience pleasure. (Are you also a clitoral orgasm lover? Then you will love this!)
      • Women (actually all humans) experience pleasure through their Erogenous Zones, which means areas of the body that can be stimulated and have heightened pleasurable sensitivity.
      • The Clitoris is an Erogenous Zone and is definitely the holy grail of sensitivity with over 8000 never endings.
      • The BEST part of the clitoris is that it sends it's sensations down to the pelvis where another 15,000 nerve endings join in the pleasure party.

My Fave Female Owned Toys and Media 

How I Explored My Own Desires

Ok, so I knew there was something to be said about the world of Erotica and reading/viewing female pleasure (hello, steamy movie sex scenes!) but I had NO idea where to start!

The only pornography I had been introduced to had felt fairly derogatory to me. More often than not it would completely put me out of the mood. Sometimes I would get turned on by the odd super hot sex scene here and there, so it made my very confused as to how I could feel completely turned OFF and ON by the same thing.

The only Erotica I had been introduced to in my life was the odd Erotic Novel that I would sneak a peak at my best friend's house growing up as her mom would buy them.

After the rise of massively successful novels and movies such as Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray I knew that there were more women out there that wanted to find words, and visuals, that could turn them on.

Although I was able to find a few sources of Erotica for Her I realized that I wanted to contribute by writing Female Friendly Erotica as a great starting point for women who also want to begin exploring their own sexuality, either alone, or with a partner.

Erotica For Women: The Conduit Your Fantasies

I cannot say enough how much I love reading and writing Erotica for Her (and Erotica for Couples!). The reason I say this is because for the first time ever I found the sexual antidote to 'life getting in the way'.

It is so easy to push aside our sexuality in the name of kids, work, and 'stress'. But the reality is that exploring our own sexuality makes us happier, less stressed, and just better all around humans! Sexuality is not something to push aside, ignore, of feel ashamed of. It is meant to be explored and enjoyed.

Once I began exploring my own passions and desires through Erotica I learned a lot about myself. I learned I like the idea of Compersion, Voyeurism, and Swinging. What is fun about exploring your own fantasies is they are just that: fantasies. It does not mean that I have to explore these things in real life, or that I want to act them out in person. I can let my mind, and hands wander, without having to engage in something I am not (yet!) ready for.

Erotica For Her: An Introduction

As part of my mission to introduce every woman to Female Friendly Erotica I wanted to gift you some FREE Erotica to begin your journey. Be sure to sign up for FREE Erotica stories delivered to your inbox, as well as a way to stay up to date on new blog posts, resources for exploring your own pleasure, and new Kindle eBook releases by yours truly. xo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many types of Female Orgasm are there?

A: claims 11! How badass is that? But the reality is there are many ways to reach orgasm. We've got:

  1. Clitoral
  2. G Spot
  3. Combo
  4. Anal
  5. Vaginal Erogenous
  6. Female Ejaculation
  7. Cervical
  8. Nipple
  9. Coregasm
  10. Sleep induced
  11. Multiple


Q: I have been faking it for a long time. I have only ever reached Orgasm 1-2 times in my life. How can I get more in my sex life?

A: For me, the MUST in my life was to take the time to get to know EXACTLY what I did, and did not, like in the bedroom. How do you figure this out? Girl, Go Touch Yourself! I spent some serious time in bed trying different types of foreplay, toys, fantasies etc. Only then could I help get there more often on my own and with my partner.

Stop faking Orgasms! You are doing yourself, and your partner, no favours by faking it. And remember: just because you don't get 'there' every time doesn't mean you aren't having good sex. Spend the time, learn, enjoy, dig in and have more Big O's!

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

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Light A Fire In Your Bedroom, and Girl, Go Touch Yourself! XO V

The Future Is Female

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