Erotic Short Stories: What to do When Your Libido Takes a Dive.

Relationships Are Hard.

Erotica To The Rescue.

Erotic Short Stories: What to do When Your Libido Takes a Dive.

I love falling in love.

That wild, crazy, inconvenient, messy, fun, love drunk kind of love. But, as the intoxication of lust and infatuation begins to disappear how exactly can you keep the fire alive in your relationship?

Have no fear Erotic Short Stories for Women are here to get you out of your funk!

Use Erotic Short Stories To Get Through A Slump

I am a big fan of fining the silver lining in everything. When my sex life inevitably leveled out in my marriage it led me to lean into my sexual fantasies and try something new in the bedroom, which led me to begin Femme Fiction! Introducing Erotica For Her into my sex life (alone and with my partner) allowed me to:

  1. Uncover new desires
  2. Have better orgasms (and more frequently)
  3. Connect with my partner in new and exciting ways

Follow along as I share with you three ways you can (Tried, tested and true by yours truly!) use Erotica for Couples to light a fire in your relationship.

3 Ways Erotic Short Stories Can Help With a Slump in the Bedroom

Read Erotica As Foreplay

K, this was the most fun! As I began to dive into the world of Erotica I found that it was making me WILD. Once I began to let my partner into the things I was reading about we be began to have super hot conversations on our way to work (we carpool to the offices). Fast forward to 5pm and we were DYING to get back home and follow up to the conversations we had on the way to work.


Read Erotic Short Stories To Your Partner

Planning a date night in with a little bit of Erotic reading can light a fire when things seem dim. Have your partner come into the bedroom, wear a blindfold, and whisper your favourite paragraph into their ear. What can happen next is up to you...


Read It By Yourself

This was how I started my Female Friendly Erotica Journey and it was well worth the time spent! I would have date days with myself, pick up a steamy read, and learn all about the fine art of the female orgasm. Needless to say this research ignited a fire in myself which naturally rekindled my libido.

Female Friendly Erotica To Light A Fire In Your Relationship

Whatever the cause: major life stresses, the trials and tribulations of everyday life, or maybe you just want to switch things up- using Erotic Short Stories to kick your sex drive into high gear is always a great idea.

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Increase Your Sex Drive With Erotica For Women

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Enjoy! XO Veronica

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