Celebrating Female Sexuality with Intimacy Expert Nicole Buratti

Plus 3 Tips To Fuel Your Journey

Celebrating Female Sexuality with Intimacy Expert Nicole Buratti

Nicole Buratti is a Women's Intimacy coach who was over 30 certifications in health, sex, and life coaching. She is the author of the GEMMA Method, host of Sex Talk With Nicole Podcast and an all around amazing Woman. We connected on Social Media and we both knew right away we wanted to work together. We have now collaborated on a podcast, Sex Talk Magazine, and now this article on how to Celebrate Female Sexuality through Body Positivity and Self-care/love.

Covering topics like that, it's no big surprise that we hit it off, and you can bet this is just the beginning.

Female Sexuality and Mindset

When I sat down to talk with Nicole about what she was focusing on the most in her business right now without hesitation she said: Celebrating Female Sexuality and Body Positivity. Needless to say I was all over that. The reality is this is where many of us are lacking on our pursuit to better sex.

When I started to dig into some of my own body image issues, shame and the self loathing I was hanging on to I realized I had a LOT of work to do. Once I began to let that shit go, I was finally able to move past it, love myself, and really begin to fuel my sexual exploration journey.

‘It starts in the mindset. It starts within and how you feel about yourself' said Nicole during our interview. ‘If we think back to day one, we weren’t thinking about sex to please someone else. We were thinking about sex to please ourselves. So, where along the way did we lose that?'

Somewhere along the line, as children, we were taught that sex and masturbation was bad, dirty, shameful, or something not to be discussed. Whether purposely, or not, our parents, teachers, religions, schools, and society did us wrong.

'Our mothers didn’t know how to empower us to be our sexual selves.' says Nicole. 'We were raised to save ourselves until marriage and it was never taught.' Nicole was raised in a Catholic home where masturbation and sex were not a topic of conversation.

Whether you were raised in a strict religious home, or not, how many of us had parents who ever brought up sex and pleasure? I personally believe that omission of the truth is still a lie, so parents who don't talk about sex, female pleasure, and masturbation because it's 'uncomfortable' give as many tools to those of us who were told to wait for marriage, or that 'good girls don't do those things'.

Topics like these are a big part of my 'Why' to create the Femme Fiction Community, and they fuel the fire for Sex Talk With Nicole also.

The Mind and Body Sexual Connection

So, how exactly does mindset play into our sexuality?

‘Body image plays a big roll in being able to connect with ourselves and other people. If we feel good in our body we going to be more accepting of our sexuality and more interested in sharing our sexuality with another person' says Nicole.

When I started Femme Fiction I was (and currently am) at my highest weight. I began my journey into a sexual awakening through a big challenge to accept, and love, myself just how I was: rolls, thigh dimples and all.

Through my journey into body positivity I realized the massive connection between loving myself and reaching amazing orgasms. For the first time in years, maybe ever, was I able to have incredible orgasms and my sex drive was through the roof! I know this was a direct result of me putting in the work and learning to love my body.

Buratti says 'If we can love ourselves first then we can love someone else; We cant fake it with ourselves.'

I couldn't agree more.

Female Sexuality, Body Positivity and Reaching Orgasm

I get asked a lot, as does Nicole, about reaching orgasm and how best to get there: what toys and techniques best do the job. But, it's so important to share how Shame and Trauma hold us back from reaching orgasm, and sexual enjoyment all together. This needs to be dealt with, and healed, to be able to move forward and reach new sexual heights.

And, don't fool yourself for one minute: Lack of education and awareness of female pleasure is traumatic for any woman. By omission of these important topics in our childhood we are set up to feel ashamed if we are to pursue them. This is a shame and trauma that almost every single person with a Vagina is knowingly, and unknowingly, dealing with.

And when we do put the time and energy into learning to love, and pleasure, ourselves we can deal with the dreaded 'mom guilt' from ourselves and those around us.

‘Moms don’t take enough time to go shopping, get our hair cut, or take a shower.' says Nicole. 'So. when it comes to the bedroom we forget how to take care of our own needs.'

From my personal journey, and connecting with the knowledge of many other strong female sex educators like Sex Talk with Nicole, I have never been more sure of the fact that the more self love = more orgasms. Learning, and honouring, your likes and dislikes in the bedroom is a beautiful act of self care that every Woman should have in their lives.

3 Steps to Embrace Your Sexuality and Love Yourself More

So, if you are reading this and are excited to get moving forward in your journey of Celebrating Your Sexuality here are some tips from Nicole that are sure to have you moving in the right direction:

  1. Get a journal: Start writing positive letters to yourself. Nicole is a big advocate of inner child work. 'If we can that child inside of ourselves then we nurture ourselves. We learn to let go of shame and that you are perfectly designed.'
  2. Movement: 'When we think of our body as a fountain. When we turn the fountain off everything settles and is stagnant. Then when we turn it back on it is lethargic because all of the sediment at the bottom. Sitting in stagnant energy all day does not just affect our body, but also our thoughts and digestive processes.' Movement is life!
  3. Take Inventory: 'Look at your surroundings and evaluate your relationships. Start to make the changes that need to be made there.'

I am also a big advocate of a social media refresh. My social media time is spent following people who inspire me and share good energy. Connect with people who you want to embody and learn from.

As a final note, be sure to pick up an issue of Sex Talk Magazine: a place where we celebrate women every day. Sex Talk Magazine will provide Women with information, education, and answers to all your questions: From the latest in sexy feminine lingerie to the naughtiest tricks and tips in BDSM. Everything you would see in Vogue, but as it relates to mindset, body image and sex.

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

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