Bored? 8 Easy Ways to Keep Things Fresh in Bed



Bored? 8 Easy Ways to Keep Things Fresh in Bed

It's so easy to fall into the trap of 'sex on repeat'. You know what I mean- you're tired, they're tired, so you use the same ol' move that usually works, but it's not really working this time.

Yes, super hot sex is not a guarantee every time and sometimes it's the acts prior to the big event that really keep things spicy af! Here are 8 ways that you can spice up your life in between the sheets.

Sex Blogs: Easy Ways to Keep Things Hot

  1. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. What does this mean exactly? Make a safe space for you and parter to talk about some fun sexual fantasies, or maybe something that you would love to watch someone else do. Remember, fantasies are just that, and don't mean that your partner wants to act it out in real life. Enjoy the idea and let your imaginations go!
  2. Extra Foreplay for the Win. Prop yourself up on the tub and let your partner feast for longer than normal!
  3. Give Edging a Try. If you haven't heard of it, edging is definitely worth experimenting with. Essentially, you reach the edge of orgasm and you stop prior to release. This fun tease makes the build up to the real thing that much better!
  4. Schedule it in. Ok that may not sound exciting, but prioritizing your sex life is important. When you first began dating your partner, you would anticipate your date, shave your legs (maybe?), and get ready. These rituals can be fun and build up excitment for the sex to come...
  5. Bring In an Accessory (or two). Listen, if your partner thinks that bringing toys into the bedroom is some type of insult then make sure that they dig into this article and get educated! A new glass pleasure wand, anal plug, and/or a vibrator is a great way to keep things fun, fresh and extra hot between the sheets.
  6. Get Outside! Ok, keeping in mind that sex in public is not legal in most places, there are still many ways you can get fun and frisky somewhere that's not the bedroom! Maybe you can go for a secluded hike, or surprise your partner with some roadside foreplay. If this feels way too stressful, then be sure to check out the Femme Fiction Fantasy Department 'Public Sex' Erotic Short Stories in the meantime!
  7. Surprise Your Partner. The element of surprise can do wonders for keeping things hot in the bedroom. Most importantly, remember that it doesn't need to be elaborate to successfully lead you down the road to wet sheets. Whether you make the bed and light some candles, get some new lingerie, or get some massage oils to start things off- all these surprises can create a big impact!
  8. Watch a Porno. Contrary to popular belief, many Women love the idea of watching a racy film with their partner- I know I do! But that being said, at Femme Fiction we only support ethical adult film, and we happily pay for our porn! (and you should too!)

Veronica Styles: Real Sex Talk

Ok, friends. A Public Service Announcement needs to happen here. Although it's important to focus on great sex and being able to reach orgasm (on your own!), it's important to remember that we are human and great connection is not all about performance. Life is multifaceted, and we live in a pretty crazy world these days, so it's good to keep in mind that not every session is going to be a 10 out of 10. Enjoy the ride and don't forget: Girl, Go Touch Yourself. xo V

Sex Blogger FAQ's: Keeping Things Hot

Q: How can I keep the spark alive in bed?

A: Here are some simple ways to keep the spark alive and give your sex life a reboot:

      1. Dive into sexual fantasies
      2. Use foreplay, and lots of it!
      3. Try edging
      4. Priortize your sex life
      5. Try some new toys
      6. Have some fun somewhere new!
      7. Suprise your partner (maybe with a silky blindfold?)
      8. Watch an ethical adult film together

Q: How can I bring the romance back to the bedroom?

A: Life is busy, but there are a number of simple ways that can help you bust through a slump in the bedroom. Romance doesn't need to be grand, but there does need to be effort.

      1. Get new sheets
      2. Organize your dang room! Having a tidy space helps you undwind much more easily
      3. Get some candles
      4. Try some mood lighting: installing a dimmer is not very difficult, or purchasing a dimable lamp. No one feels sex under bright, fluorescent lights
      5. Read some free erotica for women together
      6. Browse by desire and open up a conversation about a new fantasy

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Light A Fire In Your Bedroom, and Girl, Go Touch Yourself! XO V

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