Bi-Curious: An Erotic Story For Women

I Was Tasted By A Girl

And I Liked It

Bi-Curious: An Erotic Story For Women

I wanted to write a Free Erotic Story about same sex encounters because I wanted to flip the script on Woman on Woman sex. Most Erotica, or Adult Films, will show a same sex encounter to please a man, or as part of a threesome with a man. If that's your jam, then good for you, but I know for me the idea of having sex with a Woman seems fun, soft, and sensual. I imagine an experienced Bi-sexual woman would be able to do things to me I have only ever dreamed of... Let's explore this common female sexual fantasy!

When Friends Become Lovers: A Free Same Sex Erotic Story

At that moment I knew. This was happening tonight. Who knew what our friendship would look like in the morning, but right now all I could think about is what it would feel like to taste her.

Kristen walked over and straddled me. I could feel her warm, soft lips pressed onto my right leg.

My head was spinning. She smelled like lavender. I slid her straps down and pulled her into me, my face smothered by her soft breasts as I removed her bra completely. I could tell she was getting worked up as she rubbed her clitoris into my thigh. Feeling her grind on me drove me wild- I was dripping.

For a moment, I felt my insecurities try to creep up, but something about her eyes made me forget that this was my first time with a woman. She leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were nothing like the men's I had kissed before; They were exquisitely soft.

She laid me down on the bed and gently pulled down my panties which were damp in anticipation of what was to come. It was that moment that I realized just how experienced she was pleasuring women. Her tongue met my inner folds as if they had known each other forever. She gently sucked on my clit and I felt like I was going to hit the roof.

Bi-Curious Erotica For Women: Things Really Turn Up

Kristen stood before me at the end of a bed in her strap on, holding the silicon cock in her hand. She smiled, and bit her lip as she climbed on top of me. I was breathing heavily as the tip of the fleshy dildo rubbed slowly on my vulva. Every glorious nerve ending was on high alert and I was basically begging for her to be inside of me.

I could see the immense pleasure she got from hearing me moan as she slid deep within me. I can't explain exactly how thrilling it felt as she hit my G-spot over and over. I ran my hands down her soft, peachy curves. There was not one moment that I forgot she was a woman.

She was all woman, and I liked it.

Free Erotica For Women

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When masturbating I have been fantasizing about having sex with another woman, although I am not interested in women sexually. Is this normal?

A: Absolutely! The fun thing about sexual fantasies, especially when we are masturbating, our mind wanders and sometimes things pop into our mind that we would never act upon, or maybe you feel like is 'taboo'. That can be part of the fun! Whatever your fantasy is you can rest assured you are totally 'normal' (side note: normal is not a real thing), and just because you fantasize about it doesn't mean you want to act upon it.


Q: I am straight, but sometimes I fantasize about being with another Woman. I am not sure if I want to actually take steps towards making this reality, but I have been thinking about it. Should I tell my boyfriend?

A: First of all they are your fantasies and you NEVER have to act on them, or tell anyone about them, if you don't want to. But, I know from personal experience that letting your partner into your fantasies can be a fun and exciting way to heat things up in the bedroom.

Next thing to note is when speaking to your partner about your sexual fantasies and desires, some good rules of thumb are:

  1. Start the conversation outside of the bedroom.
  2. Be sure to let your partner know the status of your fantasy. (I don't want to act on it/ I am thinking about it/ I want to act this out)


Q: My husband told me he has been having fantasies about me with another woman. I am not sure about how I feel about it. Where should I start?

A: I believe that when your partner lets you in on their fantasy that it really is a great compliment. Assuming your partner and you are in a healthy relationship, and they are not trying to coerce/force you into anything, exploring a sexual fantasy together can be really fun!

A great place to start is to do some research about the fantasy in the Femme Fiction Fantasy Department, either together, or alone. This way you can get a feel for the impact that pursuing a sexual fantasy can have on your relationship.

Another great resource, and one of my personal faves, is XConfessions by Erika Lust. Her adult films are ethically made and her values inlclude: equal pay, equal pleasure, diversity, safe sex, and incredibly high worker standards. This makes me so happy to recommend sexual exploration that you can feel good about!

Thankfully for us the World Wide Web is a huge resource of articles, blogs, and people (like me!) who are incredibly open about their lives, and/or are experts in their space. Find someone you resonate with and find what does, or does not, work for you.

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