Anal Sex: A How To Guide

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Anal Sex: A How To Guide

If you are here I am assuming you want to know how to get started in the sometimes intimidating world of Anal Play. I remember diving into Anal Sex super eagerly and having little to no success. On the other hand I had friends who swore by it. What was I missing? Well, a few key things really.

Here are my 4 Steps to Guaranteed GREAT Anal Play.

Why Have Anal Sex?

Welcome to the super fun world of Anal Play. First things, first: Why try it?


That's it. Ok, I kid, there are plenty of reasons to want to have Anal Sex, but finding another way to achieve the Big O is ALWAYS welcome in my life. I used to avoid trying Anal because I assumed it was all for the guy and had no benefit for me. Well, was that ever incorrect information. Anal Sex is fun and the orgasms can be amazing! Go for it babe!

I understand that the idea of Anal Sex may be intimidating. I had tried it in the past and was not very successful. Here are my tips to introducing Anal Play into the bedroom that will help get lead you up to great Anal Sex.

4 Steps To Great Anal Sex

1) Relax

This may sound like a no brainer, but relaxing is even more important when having Anal Sex. Have a glass of wine, cuddle, enjoy some foreplay- whatever it takes to get you in the mood and feeling good. Being relaxed will help all the muscles chill out back there and make Anal Play MUCH more enjoyable.


2) Lube. Lots and lots of lube

Your Rectum and Anus have no way of producing lubrication, so having ample amounts of lubrication is incredibly important for Great Anal Sex. I have always liked the brand Good Clean Love and I find the consistency of their Almost Naked Lubricant to be perfect for both vaginal and anal sex.


3) Anal Training

This is the incredibly important step I was missing for so many years! Starting Anal Sex with a penis, or dildo, is a BIG first step. There is so much more to Anal Play that you can introduce before attempting to go all the way. offers a great line of Anal Toys, specifically the Get Started Beginners Anal Kit that is an awesome way to begin on your own, or with a partner. You can also begin Anal Training with fingers and tongues as well. The possibilities are endless, so dive in and have some fun!


4) Start Small

This is where the toys and/or dildos most definitely need to come in. If you partner is packing some heat in his pants you may want to start with some smaller sized dildos before taking him all in.

Even if your man isn't intimidatingly large you can still begin with some smaller butt plugs and anal beads as mentioned before to work your way up to his penis.

Doing this will ensure Anal Sex is much more enjoyable for you and will help immensly with calming your nerves and relaxing (Step 1).


Bonus Tips: A Must Have for Great Anal

Ok, I would be doing ya'll a big disservice if I didn't address the one thing that I KNOW holds many women back from starting on their way to Anal Adventure Land. The MESS! What about poop? What exactly can you expect and what will that all look like. Have no fear, I have the answer to that!

Get an Anal douche. sells one with hundreds of happy reviews from users about using it before and after Anal Play to keep things clean. Adding this into your Anal Play routine will help immensely with relaxing and enjoying the ride.

Keep the Mess Away. Another simple thing you can do is lay on a towel, or better yet the Waterproof Squirt Blanket which makes cleanup a breeze.

Clean Up on Aisle 2. Be sure to keep all things Anal Sex away from your Vagina. Never use an Anal Toy (or a Penis) in your Vagina without giving it a thorough clean with a reputable toy cleaner and warm water.


Great Anal Sex For Women: Easier Thank You Think

So, there you have it. Now you have the tips to head down the road to spicing up your sex life via Anal Sex. Like any new skill it can take some time, patience, and a little bit of humour as your navigate your way to Female Orgasm City.

And, as always, enjoy some of my Free Erotic Short Stories and Girl, Go Touch Yourself!

XO Veronica

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