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Public Sex

Sex With a Stranger Erotica... The Vacation

I was trying to be a good sport about things, but after the breakup with Sean I just did not feel like going on a family vacation for ten days. On the best of days I can barely handle my sister and her annoying fiance flaunting their engagement, but this newly broken heart will only make things so much worse. I suppose I can always drown my…

Elle in Nashville

This story was super fun to write as it is a blend of two common and smokin' hot female fantasies in the Femme Fiction Fantast Department: Sex in Public and Sex with a gorgeous Stranger. This was the first story I wrote with Elle as the main character and there will be more to come as she travels around and finds herself drawn into steamy…

Free Erotica for Her: When Friends Become Lovers

Friends to lovers Erotica can be fun to write. I don't often explore my romantic side when it comes to writing, so these can actually be a challenge for me. My friends with attest that I was never the girl to watch a RomCom with them. But, alas here I am digging deep and creating a fun, and steamy, short story. I hope you enjoy, and…

Date Night at the Theater: Public Sex Erotica For Her

Welcome to one of the most commonly requested Erotica For Women topics: Sex In Public. A steamy rendezvous where you can get caught is something that makes most women (including me) super hot! Remember though, that this is illegal, and you don't want to be 'that person' who scars some poor unsuspecting person for life. That being…

Fantasies For Women: From Anal to Z

The best part about writing Erotica For Women? I get to explore many different types of fantasies, desires, and pleasures. I love knowing that I am helping, and encouraging, Women to embark on a journey of sexual self exploration often for the very first time. Follow along as we dig into some of the most common sexual fantasies and some helpful…

More Than Friends eBook By Veronica Styles

Julia and Colin had been best friends for years. They had met in middle school at the ice rink. He played hockey and she was a figure skater. Although there had been rumours that there was something more between them, they were just that: rumours. Julia valued having Colin in her life more than anything. After her parents divorced, she leaned on…

Finding Passion By Veronica Styles

Shanna was grateful. On paper everything was freaking amazing. The problem was Shanna was also, kind of, bored. Her boyfriend Todd was fun, adventurous and successful. He had taken the time to travel South America with friends and Shanna knew she had missed out on the trip of a lifetime.

The New Neighbours By Veronica Styles

Cindy was always quiet and well behaved, but James unleashed a side of her she didn't know was there. She was wild, hot, intense. They spent most of that first night with their legs wound around each others inside James' truck. His hands were skillful, but so were his lips. And his tongue… The rest was history. The quiet well…

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles

Femme Fiction By Veronica Styles is a Female Sex Positivity Movement. Veronica specializes in writing Female Friendly Erotica, and her vision is to create a shame free environment to normalize sexual desire and pleasure for Women. Be sure to join the Femme Fiction Community to get free Erotica for Women sent directly to your inbox, as well as be the first to know about other sex positive resources she releases.

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The Future Is Female

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